Egypt’s President Sisi Issues Anti-Terrorism Laws

Egypt’s President Sisi Issues Anti-Terrorism Laws


Legislation issued by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to regulate the process of “listing terrorist groups and terrorists” was published in the official Gazette on Tuesday.

The anti-terrorism legislation was issued on February 17, after amendments to the law were introduced by the State Council.

The law defines terrorist bodies as “associations, organisations, groups or gangs”, that carry out a number of activities, which include, hurting or terrorising individuals in Egypt or abroad, and calling for stalling the law or preventing any state institutions or any public authorities from carrying out their duties.

“[They are also organisations established] with the aim of attacking citizens’ personal freedoms or other freedoms and public rights enshrined in the constitution and the law, or [organisations] harming national unity or social peace.”

The legislation tasks the public prosecution with preparing a “list of terrorist bodies” and a “list of terrorists”, based on decisions by a special criminal judicial circuit to be established by the Cairo Court of Appeals.

Once an organisation is listed as a terrorist one, it becomes banned, its activities are stalled, its headquarters are closed, its meetings are banned and its assets are frozen.

An individual whose name ends up on a terrorists’ list is put on a travel ban list. If the individual is a foreigner, they are put on an entry ban list. Individuals listed as terrorists would also have their passports seized and would be prevented from issuing new passports, as per the law.

Egypt listed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation in December 2013 and insists it is behind the wave of militancy which has targeted security personnel since July 2013. The Brotherhood continuously denies the accusations.

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  • Between the Lines

    Anti-Terrorism Laws
    aka………… Anti-opposition Laws.

    • Wessam Ahmed

      You can explain that to everyone affected by Morsi’s brief rule over the country, and the position he’s put us in. Al-Sisi is trying to put a 100% secular government in place, and it’s definitely in our best interest. Adding to the strength of our military is one of his top priorities, and considering the U.S. and NATO’s role in destabilizing several Middle Eastern nations, I reckon Egypt is one of their next targets. Our Pres. has finally seen reason in heading toward the East instead of the West for arms, and moreover he’s adding to the economic value of the Suez Canal. We’re getting involved in nuclear power for God’s sake. What “opposition” are you talking about? One bitter enough to form alliances with illegitimate organizations to turn us into Iran? Or the same opposition that was ready to shed blood in our own streets to stay in power? You’re obviously blind, Westernized, and brainwashed. Take your low-rent ignorant ideology out of this country, we’re already plagued enough by your likes.

      I’m glad you’re admitting to backing terrorists though!

      • Mina

        Very true!
        Thank you Wessam for being a true Egyptian. People like (between the lines) have lost all honor and dignity while seeking to fill their pockets with the West Money.


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