Life as a 30-Year-Old Single Woman in Egypt

By Rabab Fathy, The Cairo Post The whole world makes you believe something metaphysical is going to happen right when the clock hits midnight announcing the end of your twenties and the beginning of a new era of adulthood, seriousness and pretty much grimness. But the truth is, when it was 12 a.m. on July 6, I didn’t turn into a different person, it was all me with my very same hopes and fears. Being a single woman turning 30 in Egypt is not particularly the easiest thing that could happen to you, not with everyone taking the liberty of interfering with your life, either by asking you straightly “how come you’re not married until now?”, or “nothing new?” accompanied by a wink, or by praying that you would get married soon so the fairy tale would begin and everything starts to fall into place, because as far as they’re concerned, I NEED a man for my life to start. My usual response to them is similar to what I usually say to my beloved grandmother when she says she wants to “afra7 beeky” (be happy for me, by marrying): … Continue reading Life as a 30-Year-Old Single Woman in Egypt