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El Ahwa: Exploring the Everyday Egyptian Man’s Favourite Leisurely Haunt

In Arabic, the word qahwa translates simply to ‘coffee’. Said in the Egyptian dialect, however, the word ahwa gains a...

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Tales of Eclipse: the Lost (Foreign) Women of Luxor

“Prostitute!” “Bitch!” “Give me my money, bitch!” “You come to the police station NOW!” You never leave!”...

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Hassan Allam Utilities: Innovating Green Business in Egypt

The second episode of the International Finance Corporation‘s series ‘#IFCinConversation’ features the CEO of Hassan Allam Utilities...

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In Photos: Egyptian Fishermen Casting Nets from Dusk until Dawn

Along the riverbanks of the Nile and the stretches of the many-colored seas, there are fishermen who...

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