18-Year-Old Egyptian Burned Alive By Terrorists In KFC

18-Year-Old Egyptian Burned Alive By Terrorists In KFC


His name was Paula Mansour Fawzi and he was an 18-year-old working part-time at Kentucky Fried Chicken to make a living for himself and his family.

On the 5th of February, Paula’s life ended after armed men fired live ammunition at the KFC store before setting it on fire.

Paula, like the Jordanian pilot brutally killed by ISIS members two days earlier, burned to death in the store located in Menoufiya, a city north of Cairo. However, unlike Moaz al-Kassasbeh, Paula’s story remains largely unheard of in Egypt.


Paula leaves behind his sister and two parents. According to his mother, the young man graduated from high school recently and had been working at KFC to help with family expenses, including treatment for his father who is suffering from kidney failure.

Following Paula’s death and the torching of the KFC, one group dubbing itself the Giza Popular Resistance apparently praised the attack in Menoufiya and called for similar attacks across Egypt.

It remains to be seen whether those inciting violence on the group will be apprehended by the relevant authorities.

On Egyptian television, Paula’s mother called on the perpetrators of the Menoufiya attack to be brought to justice.

However, as recent incidents show, including the death of a 10-year-old child who was shot dead while saving his friend, assailants are often difficult to identify.

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  • Les Egyptiens En France

    Egypt’s Nero burns his country..
    Egypt’s Killer-in-Chief (El-Sissy) is calling on fellow Egyptians to kill each other in order to save himself at the expense of their lives..
    He and his thugs brutally burned hundreds of protesters alive..
    To read the full article go to “Middle East Monitor”..

    • fouseytube

      Oh fuck off you irrelevant cunt

    • Good Hamdi

      Pretty retarded!

    • Earth

      The only one burning people alive is stupid Muslim Brotherhood, and Isis. Down with your evil religion and demonic prophet.

    • Mervet

      We all hope you yourself may burn in hell for your wicked mind.

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  • Annonymus

    Mere coincidence that Mina and Paula are both christian? They’re trying to break a war between the religions, civil war.

    • egyptian

      You cannot make a civil war in Egypt with Christians, we do not fight back we only show love.

      • i luv helen

        you cannot make it not because you show love but because u christians are weak you cant fight 85 million

        • Samer

          7amra much ?

        • Mohamed

          You are brain washed buddy, why does peace resembles weakness in your eyes? Does your religion teach you how to hate?

        • Momoyay

          No buddy ur weak …..

        • Monica

          No our bible says “love ur Enemies.” Look we are not scared to live or die because if we die we will be the our loving God a much more better place then earth, go and look up history and how many Christians were killed I don’t know what religion u believe in but Christianity is about love.

        • imak92

          yes they show love and thats what islam is about remember how many times christians saved our prophets lives and how much he helped them
          i love christians, its a part of being a muslim to do so

  • Fatma

    Only one comment about this horrific killing, yet a lot more in the story of thugs beating monkey’s at Alexandria zoo. I love animals and believe all zoo’s in Egypt should be closed as the conditions are filthy and disgusting but don’t we humans have empathy for the brutal death of Paula and the grief of his family? God bless you Paula and may Allah look after your family.

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  • My God! What are we becoming as human beings?? we are ALL human, are we not?? Can we not at least start in that commonality and treat each other with the same decency we would like to be treated?? Prayers for Paula’s family and loved ones. I don’t care what religion you choose to affiliate with – once you start killing innocents, you are following the WRONG ‘god’ – period. God is LOVE – not hate. Smh. RIP, Paula. Sorry that you found little of it here.

    When will we as stupid human beings ever learn??

    As Charlton Heston as Astronaut Taylor said in the original epic “Planet Of The Apes” —

    “I can’t help thinking that somewhere in the universe, there has to be something better than man. Has to be.”

    • TattooMan404

      I used to think so too, but I’ve nearly lost faith in my fellow man. Hate begets hate and each act creates more hatred/madness/jihadists, etc

    • Janah Adam

      Animals kill out of hunger, fear, desire to mate or defend territory. For the greater part animals kill only when necessary. Only humans use their intellect to devise new and horrible ways to kill others. Humane. Think about that word. If it means what it’s supposed to mean, animalistic would mean more highly evolved than humane. Humane is a misnomer. Animals are better than us. I hope the alien invasion comes soon and gives back the planet to the whales…


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