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If you would like to leave feedback, ask a question, want to work together, or just want to have a chat, then feel free to contact Egyptian Streets. We are always curious to find out more about the experiences of those who live in Egypt (or have simply visited), and we would be more than happy to help in any way possible.

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  • Essam Ghareeb

    The train accident happened at Al Blaidah village, the 2nd this year. That makes Al Blaidah one of the most unique villages in the world, having 2 train accidents in one year. That can happen only in Egypt, I wonder why??? God bless the government.

  • Y

    How much does 1G of cocaine cost in cairo?

    • Shady Bakkar

      There is no cocaine in egypt

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  • Tanja Ahmed

    What about your Google+ site? Is it not being used anymore? I am not on Facebook and not going to. 🙂 Looking forward to your G+ News.

  • denis

    guys seriously monitor the comments or have them removed. some of what is being said is absolute rubbish so sort it out!!!!

  • C E

    I enjoy your news/posts but have a problem with the comments some people leave. Far too many swear words and inappropriate tones/chats. With any leading news site such comments are removed as there are basic guidelines to adhere to – hope you’ll apply the same.

    • Lucas

      I came here to raise the same issue, its a joke. there should be a moderator. opinions are fine but abuse and prejudice should not be tolerated!! GET A MODERATOR in place!!

    • Essam ghareeb

      This bad language is a reflection on the deterioration of standard of morality and mannerism in Egypt. The problem is that we read it, as well, in articles written by what they call themselves journalists. This is the same as the behavior in the streets , in shops and in every aspect in our lives.
      If the government first, then the mosques and churches, schools don’t work on that , say goodbye to any progress.

  • Inna
  • Minymina

    As a long time reader and programmer, I appreciate the effort to modernize your site with a new design. This new design however is way too cluttered and glitchy.
    Please try to reconsider the design and fix the issues with the blank images. I offer my assistance if you require it.

  • janalexa

    Hi people, I will be embarking on a cycle trip around the world in the Spring (2015) and was wondering just how safe it is these days in Egypt. I know, I know, ‘safe’ is entirely subjective, and the world is not what you see on the news, but given the changes the have taken place in Egypt since 2011, and the rise to power of the Islamicists, ‘safe’ for an Egyptian and ‘safe’ for a white, european female (me) could be very different. I plan on following the Nile south. Any feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time.

    • Kefrin

      I would not do it alone or just with women. And I would not do it in the summer!

  • Really a very magical pictures . I consider them as a treasure

  • Anonymous

    I would appreciate to know who you are behind this page – and who pays your salary…If you whish to be a major source of “information” on Egypt, you should respect your readers as much as to declare who you are. People are not stupid.

    • If you have an issue, contact via email instead of leaving empty and baseless comments :).

      • dd

        sort the comments out

      • روان محمد


  • Please feel free to share my related photo albums at Demotix:

    Cairo Graffiti: Prologue to 30 June Resurgence of Egypt’s Revolution

    Tahrir Square Tents Demand Retribution – Cairo

    Voices of the Egyptian Revolution

    Additional albums here:

    • Hello,

      Thank you very much for your comment! Would you mind if I download the photographs from the graffiti album and put it in an article on Egyptian Streets (with a short commentary/captions)? I can link back to your personal profile on Demotix or anywhere else if you’d like. Let me know!

      • Of course, you can right-click on the images and download them, but be aware that they will carry the Demotix watermark. If you wouldn’t mind linking back to the original album that would be great. Which goes for any of the photos in other albums as well.

        All the best.

      • Also! If you can elaborate on the Arabic and or stories behind any of the images, that would be awesome, too. I can add the additional descriptions also to the album. Insha’Allah.

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