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  • Abdelrahman Bishr

    When the Arab spring revolutions broke out , the West , Europe and USA leaders hurried up to announce their complete support to liberty of peoples . They went fast to ask presidents to step down their authority . Countries which had weak protests didn’t manage to oust their presidents quickly . Tunisia and Egypt made it quickly . But countries like Libya and Syria didn’t . So the West started arming “opposition” in both countries . They wanted to accelerate the matter and quickly moved their arsenals to Libya to demolish the Libyan army and leave Libya level with the ground ! They did exactly what they aimed at . They killed Gaddafi who had supporters in Libya and cause-belli was ” liberating” Libya ! They claimed they wanted good for people and it’s well known that the war machine costs very much . So they took Billions of Libyan dollars that were outside Libya . But wait , guess what ? Libyans never asked for this ! No Arab would ever ask the West to interfere in one’s country ! Especially militarily ! Ok let’s keep going . They then left Libya alone ! They enforced embargo on arms to Libyan army . So no weapons go there except these for terrorists . MB wanted to rule and created their own government there independent from the recognized Libya government ! ISIS also found fertile soil for themselves there . So ISIS started getting their weapons from the manufacturers by countries like Qatar and Turkey with no one to stop them ! ISIS started expanding there . They are killing Libyan people ! They’re torturing them ! Hey US , hey Europe , we need help ! You can find nothing ! No one is here to help ! At least allow them to “buy” weapons do defend their people ! No , The West finds this comfortable . ISIS sell Libyan oil for nothing . And the USA is the world’s largest oil importer . Now USA stopped importing oil , she doesn’t need it now !

    In Syria , Arab countries don’t manufacture weapons , so who armed the opposition ? Still the West arming them . Syrian crisis started . They kept arming ” the opposition ” and creating ” army” ! Things didn’t stop here , they went on exporting fighters and trainers to the Arab countries to train people to fight ! They spared no effort to make the civil war erupt . Syria is completely destroyed . Syrians were disturbed . If you used to be living in a wealthy family in Syria ago . Get used to it now , now you have to be begging other people to give you your food . You now have to sleep in streets as you became homeless because the West wants to liberate you ! Congratulations on it !

    And after Syrians became refugees , what happened ? Europe ,which moved its arsenals and provided fighters and arms for fighting Syria for the sake of what’s good for Syrians , now refuses to allow you to live ! They don’t want to host Syrians . They represent a crisis for Europe !

    Now Syrians die everyday because of weather , hunger , trying to reach a country to host them , ….. Etc !
    Hey USA , Europe , don’t you see it ? Don’t you see Syrians suffering and dying ? Why don’t you hurry up for help like before , this is your duty ! Does liberation in your dictionary mean destruction in ours ? Is this what you want for people ? Is this what is right for peoples as you think ?

    You created and are supplying ISIS with all what they need even fighters . ISIS is killing us , Arabs , and only us . And as it’s known Arabs are mostly Muslims . However , some of your peoples accuse us of being terrorists!
    Stay out of our internal affairs ! Let us live in our own countries ! Stop funding and supporting terrorism in our countries !

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