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  • HI ES, Yala Youth Leaders for Peace suggested your blog to me. We work together for Iprotest Arts which has a yearly Culture event in Liverpool’s bombed out church called “Nothing Left to Burn #NL2B ” where we project interesting artists led images with the open air cinema and loads of other stuff….:)

    So with all the drama in Egypt, I interviewed my colleague a Tunisian Jasmine Revolutionary. I wanted to get the article out fast so that Far east has a chance to quote me in their intranet, so used some of your compilation of images. If it is okay, please drop me a line so we can discuss working together in the future. If it is not okay, drop me a line and I will take it down and replace it with other sources.

    I’ve given you full credit and cited all your contact details: http://ceciliayu.com/2013/07/04/egypt-revolution-tunisian-jasmine-revolutionary/

    Either way I am okay with it. Info about me, you can just google my name. I grew up in Melbourne Oz, Hong kong chinese aussie…etc. My last art exhibition was at El Hanager opera house in Cairo. 🙂

    cheers http://www.ceciliayu.com

  • Um abdullah

    I am ummabdullah who was banned today from your facebook page. I am a Muslim foreigner residing in Egypt with political views different from the ones you hold. I am female. And I have NO AFFILIATION to any political groups in Egypt: brotherhood or any among the opposition. I love to read. And I love to write.

    Sadly, even though you cited a “no delete” policy for letting through a comment that clearly called for violence against the president, I was systematically banned and lied against for holding differing views? How ironic.

    Egyptian Streets has received information that Umm Abdullah is not actually even a female, but a male and a member of the Electronic Groups. Electronic Groups are a Muslim Brotherhood run group that create Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts for the sole purpose of swaying discussion towards their opinions and views. They operate within buildings and normally there are dozens all operating from the same location with fake names and profiles.

    Egyptian Streets will not and does not tolerate fake accounts and has therefore banned the user. Apologies for any inconvenience or harm the user may have caused.

    I do not wish to be contacted on my email but would prefer a public response. I must say I will be surprised if this is allowed to be published.

    • To whom it may concern,

      Egyptian Streets received information consisting of screen shots, contact details, GPS coordination and more that proved to be very plausible in implicating you. If you feel that this is not the case, then please provide evidence to prove otherwise and Egyptian Streets will issue a formal apology.

      Kind regards

    • essalamu aleykoum warahmatou allah ,
      sectarsim and group ideology could do worst than that , if someone told them that brotherhood are misguided or following a path contradicting the way of salaf they would do anything to get vengeance forgetting the rules of allah .
      Allah El mousta3an .
      in the 90 s algeria knew a political satanic party called F.I. S assuming to be a muslim party ! at the end they lead the country to a civil war , more than 250000 died .
      this is what political islamic party bring ,( blood , violence , chaos .)
      may allah keep egypt andall the moumeeeniinn and mouslim safe there ya rab !

  • I have nominated you for the One Lovely blog award.

    I hope you take my nomination in the spirit it is given, though don’t feel obliged to accept.

    More details are here: http://experiencedtutors.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/private-english-tutor-passes-on-lovely-blogger/

    • Thank you very much for your nomination! I read the post and I am really glad you’ve found Egyptian Streets useful/enjoyable. I will definitely be accepting the nomination in the coming days. Thanks again, and have a great day :).

  • Dear student, we desperately need some other angle on the Arab world here in Europe (and the so-called “western world” for that matter. I am so dissatisfied with the way the media report here! So kudos to your courage and keep going!

  • Thanks for your comments. This blog will be updated on a weekly basis, so look out for more!

  • samokan

    I have always been in awe of Egypt and I would love to read more of your points of view.

  • Cai

    Thanks for creating this. Looking forward to future reports.

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