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I have been to many cities, but none compares to Cairo. I have traveled to different countries, but none rival Egypt. Egypt has a special place in my heart.  I…


As supply shortages persist, a resurgence in car overpricing looms, potentially triggering further price increases if the crisis continues. There are a total of 39,000 vehicles currently held at customs,…

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Unsafe Journeys: The Dark Side of Cairo’s Ride-Sharing Revolution

The bustling streets of Cairo have seen a remarkable rise in the use of ride-sharing services, offering a convenient solution for navigating the city's traffic.  However, this booming industry has also exposed a troubling undercurrent of safety concerns for women, who face a range of harrowing experiences that threaten their safety. The tragic story of Habiba Al-Shamaa, known as the "Al Shorouk Girl," is a reminder of the dangers women can face while using these…