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  Certain meals are made for quick consumption, branding, and profit. Meanwhile, others are meant for sharing around a table with loved ones, and creating subtle moments of joy, grace…


On Monday 20 May, Egypt’s Finance Minister, Mohamed Maait, spoke during a seminar on "Policymaking in Times of Increasing Risks and Uncertainty," highlighting the government's efforts to manage the country's…

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All We Have Are Prayers: Why Ramy Youssef’s SNL Monologue is Timeless

  We’ve been feeling too many emotions. Many, many emotions. When I say "we," I'm not just referring solely to myself, my inner circle, or my community. I mean every individual, spanning across every generation, every culture, and every background, who has borne witness to the events unfolding in Palestine over the past six months. The emotion runs deep because it seems as though we're collectively experiencing it, as if our hearts have synchronized to…