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Egypt is not “Om El Donya” Anymore

July 30, 2012

It is often said that Egypt is “Om El Donya” or “Mother of the World.” In recent months, we have come to show the world that this is no longer true. Throughout the past year, Egypt has gone through a rollercoaster of events that have heavily impacted every single aspect of Egyptian life. However, these events have been illustrated by the media as a period in history when Egypt finally entered a new era. A ‘democratic’ era that has led to newfound pride, where Egyptians became capable of deciding their own future. A phrase such as “Om El Donya” would indicate that Egypt is a leading force in the world, with the January 25 revolution placing Egypt even higher by garnering the respect of people all around the world. Some have even stated that the ‘Arab Spring’ motivated the Occupy Protests. However, like the Occupy Protests, the January 25 Revolution achieved very little. ‘Democracy’ has led to an anti-democratic and Islamist-dominated parliament and ‘Presidency.’ Thanks to the flawless system of democracy, we don’t even know if Mohamed Morsy won Egypt’s presidency. Ignoring the political aspect of Egyptian life, where else…

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