Egyptian President Cancels Visit To South Africa After Threats Of Arrest Arise

Egyptian President Cancels Visit To South Africa After Threats Of Arrest Arise

Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi speaks during a news conference with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos (not pictured) after their summit at the presidential palace in Cairo, April 23, 2015. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh
Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi speaks during a news conference with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos (not pictured) after their summit at the presidential palace in Cairo, April 23, 2015. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has cancelled a visit to attend the African Union Summit in South Africa on Thursday. This decision came after a lawyer’s association in the country filed an official request for his arrest upon arrival.

Al-Sisi was to arrive in Johannesburg on Friday to attend the summit entitled “Enabling African Women” which spans June 14 and 15.

According to an African diplomatic source who spoke to Anadolu Agency under condition of anonymity, Egypt informed South Africa that despite Al-Sisi’s absence at the summit, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb will be attending as a representative of the Egyptian delegation due to the mentioned threats.

A member of the South African Muslim Lawyers Association, Attorney Yousha Tayoub, told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday that, “We believe Al-Sisi committed war crimes and crimes against humanity for the horrendous killings that resulted from the [2013] coup in Egypt.”

Accordingly, Tayoub added that the Egyptian president could be seized by South African officials for investigation and prosecution for his war crimes upon his arrival on South African lands.

“We have overwhelming evidence proving that Al-Sisi perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity. We have presented our evidence to the authorities and are hopeful they will act,” Tayoub said.

A South African advocacy group, The Media Review Network (MRN), also supported the call for Al-Sisi’s arrest.

“War criminals are considered enemies of all humankind; our young democracy must not be seen as a safe haven for such criminals,” the groups spokesman, Ibrahim Vawda, said on Wednesday.

Furthermore, Vawda called upon the South African government to be a responsible member of the international community by arresting the Egyptian president who has evidently committed a number of human rights violations since his election in June 2014.

The newly-elected government in Egypt has waged a rough crackdown on members and followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and former president Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected president in Egyptian history.

As a result, over 1,400 people have been reportedly killed, as well as 22,000 who have been detained. Additionally, there have been hundreds sentenced to death in mass trials.

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  • Pascal

    I will be happy when I will get an warrant against the American President or any western one. (BUSH, SARKOZI and BLAIRE). I think this is the start point. I am happy that many of those who are pro African leaders such as president and high dignities to be arrested, many of them are wight if I just consider those who react on this article. Guys, let us see in right angle and liberate ourselves from the Western Imperialism.

  • hk

    Do you think Al Sisi will be saved from hell fire for mass killing of the muslims.!!!!?

  • Cairolive

    Writing this article on this website showed poor taste, plus I don’t believe the article but that’s not the point! Not to mention that it’s almost plagiarism from World Bulletin / News Desk! Grow up Farrah and have pride in what you write.

  • Youssef Mohsen

    I think you should put this article in your personal blog, that’s all it’s good for. You have 0 sources, your statistics are completely inaccurate. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, I’m just saying you aren’t a journalist, so please stop trying to be one.

    Try your hand in celebrity gossip, you seem to have that kind of touch. I really can’t believe you’re studying journalism at AUC, I feel ashamed to have a sister graduating from your school. it’s nothing against you, I just find it annoying that a website, which consider itself a newspaper, can publish this utter bullshit every week. Stick to the arts and leave society and politics to the people who actually know what they’re doing.

    bas helwa ‘22,000 who have been detained’ dee hate3geb el ekhwan, at least you have someone on your side 🙂

    • Sally Wilton

      You are wrong.they have at least tried to arrest Bahir of Sudan and for sure they would have attempted the arrest of Sisi ,He better not leave the country any more

      • Key

        Like the MB terrorist’s way of thought, when it comes to Egypt, ICC’s definition of a killer is someone who is defending his house with a stick (Egyptian citizens including President El Sisi) from armed robbers (MB terrorists). Confusion and western media’s ongoing brainwashing leads to ignorance and your sentence is a product of just that.

  • mede

    President Al-Sissi asked the Egyptian people to vote, regarding the execution of the insurgents , guess what, the majority voted yes , so what happens now? all who voted yes should be hanged ???

  • Mina Lewis

    this is fake. it was our own deicision we Egyptians. there was no war crimes. the war crimes have vanished due to our current president. you forgot the kids that were being thrown away from the top of the buildings? did you forget…. did you forget…. did you forget… stop humiliating yourself… these millions of people went out asking to stop the war crimes. and that’s how he made it by the 30th of june. he wouldn’t have made it alone, he made it because of us. now stop spreading your bullshit everywhere because you are really nothing at all. and the whole world knows.

    • Mina Lewis

      these are the likes of the creators of this article. those who you guys really support? below are the picture of the war crimes and our current president saved egyptians from your betrayals all over the Egyptian History. God curse the likes of you.

      • Minymina

        Filthy animals!!

  • Nourhan El Sallab

    1. First off before you people decide to join in on the convo LEARN PROPER ENGLISH SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND WHATEVER YOURE TRYING TO SAY!

    2. I love how they are still referring to the over throw of that pig (Mohammad zeft Morsi) as a “COUP”. You are an Egyptian online news paper or whatever you wanna call yourself, shed some light and really talk about how you or the Egyptian people view matters. When you discuss these matters in such a manner, and foreigners read this, they will go ahead and agree because well you’re supposed to be a reliable source, after all you are from egypt (maybe).
    So, I dont think its nice of you to just read whatever headline CNN or BBC or any other foreign news cast has to say and just copy it because once again, as an Egyptian you have failed to think for yourself and shed some light from your or the Egyptian people’s perspective. (maybe your job doesnt entitle you to do that but heck whats a true journalist or a reporter got to do these days to earn their money)

    3. Hence, I would suggest you start writing and reporting from your own view and not that of others. You are hurting the image of Egypt which alone is a crime. (my point of view, you dont have to agree)

    4. HAVE A GOOD DAY 🙂

  • Wael O Sk

    South Africa obviously needs to clean itself from Islamists who, as usual, will manipulate the democratic systems and abuse western values to hide their true face which we all know here.

  • Commander_Chico

    It’s pretty damn bad when you’re like Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, can’t leave your own country for fear of war crimes prosecutions.

    • Key

      War crimes is what Morsi and your terrorist likes are facing. There are no war crimes applied for fighting terrorism.

  • inti

    South Africa should have let Al No No to arrive in the country and aprehend him right there.

  • nasser

    # South Africa
    Free state more civilized state of Germany #
    That live on theft and suppressed peoples

  • Ahmed Negm

    Sooner or later Al-Sisi will be hanged for his crimes against the people.

    • Minymina

      I love how you bastards create fake accounts to spread your shit. If you really had this much support, you wouldn’t need these accounts.

      • inti

        What is wrong if he/she created his/her profile a few minutes/hrs ago?

        I fully agree with Ahmed Negm, Al SISI committed and continues to commit crime against Humanity just like Nutsyahoo, Bush, and Assad. All those criminals need to be hang as fast as possible.

        • Minymina

          People are going around creating multiple accounts to spread their $h!t. That’s whats wrong.

          As for Sisi being a murder, WTF makes you think that? If killing terrorists makes you a murder then I happily and proudly support a genocide.

          • Tarek El Badawy

            Dude, I don’t agree with the article and see it as an insult to Egypt since CC now is the president elect. However, lumping MBs as terrorists specially in the days of rabaa and after morsy was deposed is definitely not fair.

          • Minymina
          • inti

            Terrorists are for Al No No and you, for the rest of the world they are heroes! People have all the right to defend their country and their people, their dignity, their rights as citizens from puppets, traitors, usurpers of the presidency of Egypt, genocide doers, liars, opportunistic, children killers like Al No No, Assad, Nutyahoo, BUSH, etc.

        • Ahmed Yasser

          I totally Agree with Minymina if killing terrorists who will wreck your country is a Crime we would all proudly be war criminals

          As for this douche-bag article is a direct insult to Egypt since Sisi Now is our Elected president

          • inti

            BS! Please give us your sources which clearly states that ALNONO was elected by the Egyptian people. Al NoNo was hand picked by Nutsyahoo, the evil zionist, wannabe Jew and Obama, the Jews’ slave!

          • 123xxy


          • inti


          • inti

            The two PIN HEAD Evil Jews up voted your comment, 123xxy and Minymina.

            Ahmed Yasser , I don’t care if you agree or not with your arrogant naive, liar, chosen people of Satan. You are all the same,all brain washed Jews who support genocide done by the JEWS against all human kind particularly against Arabs. Muslims, children, and innocent unarmed people around the whole world, particularly where the JEWS can still their victims belongings as in Palestine! This world would be a better place without evil Joos.Shoo Joos!

        • Key

          What a bunch of garbled crap. Take some Valium. You are showing your M Brotherhood colors of viciousness, scrambled truths, woe-is-me, and hysteria.

      • Goin’ Mad

        Bastards also love how you dimwits are very, very slow to understand anything -if you ever do; and how limited your useless knowledge is to know that in order to comment you need to sign on using one of the social networks listed, and that many create their accounts on the spot to be able to comment.

        Being blinded by ignorance and bias is pathetic. Get well soon.

      • Ahmed Negm

        You’re just pathetic. And yeah I had just created the account, but with my true name and pic, but who are you?
        And btw, believe it when I tell you that Sisi’s regime will fall, coz come on.. it’s history. It will take some time.. years maybe, but it will fall.

    • Nourhan El Sallab


  • Ahmad

    Yousha Tayoub should be arrested if he ever comes to Egypt.

    • 123xxy


  • Minymina

    F**king ikwani lawyer is so butt hurt his terrorist buddies are being killed and jelled that he decides to file a human right complaint. B!tch can go f**khimself.

    • BreadFreedom

      Ignorant stup!d motherf**ker. As soon as you don’t like someone, call him ikwani.

      You see there’s not much difference between you and Saladino, you both jump to ridiculous conclusions to justify your personal opinions.

      • Zera

        Saladino is an !diot.

    • Sa

      يا اهبل يا ابن الهبلة
      محامي عيل لسة متخرج في دولة زي جنوب افريقيا طلع دعوات باعتقال السيسي
      يقوم السيسي يكسكس ويخاف
      وجاي انت تشتم المحامي وسايب رئيسك الاهطل
      احا على العقليات بنت الوسخة

      • Minymina

        Let the butt hurt flow through you.

  • Saladino

    Terrorist putschist criminal Al Sissy should be hanged. He is a Mossad agent.

    • Minymina

      Ignorant stup!d motherf**ker. As soon as you don’t like someone, call him a Zionist.

      • inti

        Al SISI is a puppet of the ZIONISTS p and a of OBAMA. Al NO NO is a Jew Zionists, his Parents were Jewish, or wannabe jews. Al Sisi, Nutsyahoo as Assad, will end up terribly, they will be killed by the same people who they terrorized and whose families they murdered…Do you want to bet?

        • Minymina

          First he was a Mossad agent and now he is Jewish? F**k off.

          • inti

            Let’s face it, AL NONO IS SATAN in personification just like NUTSYAHOO, BUSH, ASSAD… AND YOU SUCK THEIR STINKY FILTHY FEET…

        • 123xxy

          you do not deserve more than 2 words: idiot & retarded

        • Key

          In every MB response certain words are always used: “illegitimate,” “targeted,” “backing of the masses,” “armed thugs,” “cold blood,” “innocent,” and “farcical’ ‘jew zionist’ ‘obama’ – do you even know what that means?. Are all of the ikhwan (MB) sent to one school and taught how to respond? Original thinking might help — especially if it is based on truth. This crap is not.

          Hope your kids get adopted. Wouldn’t be good to ruin yet another generation of possibly intelligent human beings, because of clinically insane parents.

      • moaz

        I think you can easily say your opinion without swearing it only shows you have a weak standing in the matter. See we should be be more civilized

        • 123xxy

          do you call lying like shit and wrongly attacking others for personal gains “civilized”??

    • Key

      And that’s why Egypt is exterminating 1st century cult garbage like you MB terrorists not just for trying to kill Egyptians but for distorting facts. Mossad huh..what’s next Egyptians are all CIA agents now because we saved Egypt from your destruction.


Farrah El Essawi studies Multimedia Journalism and Psychology at the American University in Cairo. She has always had a strong passion for social issues and animal rights and jumps at the opportunity to write about either.

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