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4 Project Ideas to Help Achieve Educational Equity in Egypt

November 27, 2019
Pratham non-profit among one of the largest in India, which is supported by Pratham USA, works on education intervention. (Photo: Pratham.org)

In many parts of the world, educational equity remains a pressing issue. Poverty often hinders educational opportunities as families simply lack the financial means to pay for school tuition, books, or school uniforms, and eventually push their kids to work rather than attend school. Poverty in Egypt is largely connected to regional disparities, as people living in rural areas suffer from higher levels of poverty, where 43.7 percent of the residents are income poor. This often results in higher levels of illiteracy, as Upper Egypt had the highest rates of illiteracy in 2017; Minya ranked first with 37.2 percent; followed by 35.9 percent in Bani Suef; 34.6 percent in Assiut; 34 percent in Fayoum and 33.6 in Sohag. First, it is important to understand what is meant by ‘educational equity’. Rather than just giving everybody the same education, education equity is achieved by giving what people need in order to achieve the same outcome. In other words, it means ensuring that personal and social circumstances are not obstacles to achieving educational potential, as many kids often fall behind in the same education system due to overlooked personal struggles. Examples include…

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