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A Guide to Adopting Stray Cats from the Streets of Cairo

February 7, 2020

They’re everywhere. No matter where one goes in Cairo, no matter how many street corners passed, one will undoubtedly be met with a stray cat or two (or three or four). In ancient Egyptian times, these creatures were worshipped and regarded with the highest esteem for their stealthy abilities in killing rodents and venomous snakes. Although not quite as highly regarded anymore, cats are still loved by many as they roam around the streets of modern-day Egypt.  With their fast reflexes and their heightened senses, these beautiful creatures undoubtedly know how to fend for themselves – thus having appropriately and popularly been dubbed as having ‘nine lives’.  Even though – for the most part – stray cats have adopted ways in fending for themselves in the busy streets of Cairo, there are still many of them -most especially new-born, helpless kittens- who get lost from their mother or pack. Taking the decision to adopt Should one encounter one of these helpless kittens in the streets somewhere, there are numerous options to help. If the kitten’s family is no where to be found, there are animal shelters such as Little Paws…

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