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‘Noura My Daughter to Nour My Son’: Egyptian Actor Speaks Openly About Transgender Son on Television

May 4, 2020
Egyptian actor Hesham Selim during talk show ‘Shekh El Hara’

Egyptian actor Hesham Selim has won praise on social media after revealing his 26-year-old son Nour is completing the process of physically transitioning to a man and has already socially transitioned to the male gender.

Appearing on the talk show ‘Al-Qahera Wal Nas’, Selim spoke about the transition and his support for his offspring.

“My daughter Noura is now my son Nour,” he revealed on the television show.

“This is what God wanted and she is currently transitioning. I was not confused or surprised, because from the day she was born I could see her as a boy.”

The actor revealed that he thought the transition was courageous given society’s views and that the transition first started when Nour was 18-years-old.

Not everything went smoothly over the years though, with Selim adding that Nour had been upset with him for a while when he continued using ‘she’ and ‘her’ to refer to him. Now, however, all members of the family refer to Nour using male pronouns and are fully supportive and encouraging of him.

Selim also spoke about Nour’s struggles with changing his gender from female to male on official identity documents, adding that authorities initially refused to change the gender because they could not see a man in front of them (this was prior to the physical transition).

“There’s male or female, nothing in between,” said Selim, adding that he supports and sympathises with any family that experiences the same challenges of their child’s transition.

The segment and Selim’s frank admission in a country where gender issues remain taboo have won praise on social media, with many applauding Selim for his position and his decision to speak about it on Egyptian television.

Sex reassignment surgery and transition is rare but is legalised in Egypt and is governed by certain codes and legislation.

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