Beloved Actress and Comedian Shweikar Passes Away, Aged 84

Beloved Actress and Comedian Shweikar Passes Away, Aged 84

Beloved actress Shweikar passed away on Friday after struggling from poor health, report local news outlets.

The famous artist, well-known for various iconic roles in Egyptian cinema as well as for her second marriage to comedian and actor Mohamed Fouad, will be buried in Saturday in a cemetery located in 6th of October.

Born in Alexandria as Shwikar Ibrahim Toub Sakal, the actress was discovered by  director Faten Abdel Wahab. Although her acting career initially focused on tragedies, she quickly rose to prominent fe as a comedian during Egypt’s golden cinema age, in the 1960s.

She featured in over 25 films and TV series, and was a skilled theater performer as well. Her most famous appearances were in Al Mar’a heya Al Mar’a (1978), Al Karnak (1975), Shellit Al-mohtaleen(1973), ‘Ant ‘illy qatalat babaya(1970) and Safa’ Al Nisa (1970) among others.

Her last roles were limited in the last few years; indeed, she appeared in a few films and series namely Ser A’lany (2012), Kalemni Shokran (2010), and A’zan Mariam (2006).

In 2019 and 2020, a number of Egyptian artists have passed away, namely George Sidhom, Farouk El Fishawy and Ezzat Abou Ouf.

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