3 Unique Co-working Spaces Across Cairo Perfect for a Change in WFH Environment

3 Unique Co-working Spaces Across Cairo Perfect for a Change in WFH Environment

Outdoor area at The Bunker, Image via The Bunker Facebook page

With most of us continuing to be working from home on a regular basis, sometimes we may feel like we need a little change in atmosphere. Not everyone has the luxury of creating a specifically designated workspace at home, and even if they do, sometimes a change of environment is necessary to stay motivated and inspired. 

That being said, the option of heading to a co-working space could be the perfect solution. As co-working spaces across Cairo are gradually re-opening – whilst taking all the necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19 – now may be a great time to make use of them.

Co-working spaces offer a comfortable work-like environment in which one can go and make use of individually or with a friend or two. The following examples of co-working spaces are three wonderful places that offer a unique atmosphere perfectly designed to get anyone back into ‘work-mode’. 

The Bunker

Image via The Bunker Facebook page

The Bunker is a wonderful co-working space that can be found tucked away in the quiet little neighborhood of Almazah in Heliopolis. The venue itself is spacious and offers various little work stations one can choose from. 

According to their Facebook page, The Bunker describes itself as being “a creative work-hub, created to provide the perfect environment for; freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, students, readers, etc.”

Image via TheBunker Facebook page.

That being said, this co-working space is efficiently designed to both have units being separate and sectioned off from one another, while still ultimately having an open office communal vibe.  

The Bunker offers a tasteful environment with sleek, fun and contemporary design elements that will be sure to keep customers engaged. In addition to this, they also offer the choice between three types of packages; quarter day (EGP 50), half day (EGP 75) and full day (EGP 95) – coffee and snacks included. 

Image via The Bunker Facebook page

Al Maqarr (MQR) Co-working Space

Image via MQR Facebook page

Having been founded in 2012, Al Maqarr has quickly grown to establish itself as one of Cairo’s best co-working spaces and environment. This particular co-working space has branched out to have venues in Heliopolis, New Cairo, downtown Cairo and even in el Gouna. 

Most recently, they have also re-vamped their brand and gone from Al Maqarr to simply MQR. On their Facebook page, they state that “co-working is a style of work through which different people with different mentalities and ideas work together in one place. This place has all the facilities they need; whether the space itself which is designed to suit their needs, or the real productive environment that is provided to innovate and collaborate.”

Image via MQR Facebook page

Having been initially established to mainly serve start-ups, MQR has become known as one of the best environments spearheading the move towards innovative and different work practices. MQR offers the choice between private meeting rooms or designated desks, or even just enjoying the general space alongside fellow freelancers or people working from home seeking to change environment. 

Image via MQR Facebook page

MQR is currently operating under new precautionary measures. 

Dots Space

Image via Dots Facebook page

Located in Dokki, this beautiful space is unique in that is specifically encourages those seeking a space for arts-related ventures; though of course, anyone can go and enjoy the comfortable environment that Dots has to offer. 

Image via Dots Facebook page

Dots is a large open space with wonderful contemporary style efficiently designed to suit the needs of anyone seeking a refreshingly new work environment. In addition to being a space from which one can go and get some much needed work done, Dots also hosts various events, workshops and seminars, as well as the occasional art exhibition. 

Image via Dots Facebook page

According to their Facebook page, they describe themselves as a space that mixes between artistic environment and business productivity through a co-working area that protects privacy and makes you feel at home. Make sure to ask about their monthly offers. 

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