Marking 10 Years Since Egypt’s January 25 Revolution

Marking 10 Years Since Egypt’s January 25 Revolution

Today marks 10 years since the start of Egypt’s January 25 revolution.

This time 10 years ago, people of all ages and from all backgrounds gathered in the country’s squares, alleys, streets and boulevards to protest for bread, freedom and social justice. For some, the revolution continues to live in their hearts and minds. For others, the revolution was the darkest moment in Egypt’s modern history.

Today, countless articles will be written, statements will be made and tweets will be sent debating the outcome of the 18-day uprising that managed to overthrow the 30-year-rule of former President Hosni Mubarak and the current political, social and cultural landscape: was the revolution successful? To what extent were those calls for bread, freedom and social justice heard? Is life in Egypt better today than prior to the events of January 25?

These are questions that will continue to be debated for many decades to come. The pain, the loss, the hope, the unity. However, there is one beautiful outcome of the January 25 revolution that is undebatable and undeniable: the uprising sparked a wave of initiative, creativity and innovation.

Today, #Egypt’s population – especially its youth – are among the most creative in the world, taking initiative like never before. Gone are the days of waiting for ‘someone else’ to take action. The revolution showed the courage of Egyptians to stand up and take matters in their own hands.

Young, courageous Egyptians are shaping, improving and building their communities on their own initiative, pouring their hearts and souls into innovative and sustainable ways to tackle social, economic, cultural and even political challenges. Though the path to do so is not always easy or even safe, if bread, freedom and social justice have not yet become a reality, it is Egypt’s youth who will undoubtedly make it so.

Today, we celebrate Egypt’s youth and remember those who gave everything towards a better future for all Egyptians.

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