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Putting on Those Dancing Shoes: 5 of the Top Places to Learn Dancing in Cairo

March 1, 2021
Image courtesy of CCDC Facebook page.

Every once in a while, we all get the urge to ditch our at-home dance routines and actually go out there and learn actual steps to becoming an actual dancer. From hip hop to contemporary and even all kinds of ballroom styles, there are a multitude of dance studios scattered across Cairo that offer a wide range of dance classes. 

Offering both workshops and continual walk-ins or packaged classes, these studios and centres cater to all age groups, experience levels and needs – whether that be professional or just for fun. Dancing, with its extensive range of styles, has certainly gained more momentum in recent years in Egypt. While dance classes have always been readily available, different kinds of styles have gained popularity over the years, such as contemporary dance and hip hop.  

In addition to this, some places even offer dance classes in dance styles that are more rooted in Egyptian culture, rather than western dance styles – these include classes in dance styles such as belly dance and traditional Egyptian folklore dance. 

In any case, no matter what dance style one may choose to pursue, these studios and centres are amongst the best in Cairo. 

Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre (CCDC)

Image courtesy of CCDC Facebook page.

Founded in 2012, Cairo Contemporary Dance Centre is a first-of-its-kind dance school in Cairo, offering both walk-in classes and workshops in a wide variety of dance styles, as well as a 3-year full-time professional training program. As described on their Facebook page, “[CCDC is] an independent space for Contemporary Dance in Egypt, committed to shaping and advancing the future of the art form in the country and the Arab region.” While they specialize in contemporary dance, CCDC also offers classes in hip hop, afro dance, belly dance and so much more. 

Brass Monkeys Studios

Image courtesy of Brass Monkeys Facebook page.

Tackling dance through more of a fitness perspective, Brass Monkeys Studios is a place that offers an extensive range of both fitness and dance classes. This place is all about staying fit and healthy, while having fun and doing something enjoyable. When it comes to dancing, they offer hip hop, afro dance, salsa, bachata, ballet, folklore, pole dancing and more. One could either try a walk-in class, or one of the various packages they offer. 

Adams Dance Studio

Image courtesy of Adams Studio Facebook page.

With two branches in New Cairo and one in Sheikh Zayed, Adams Dance Studio has quickly branched out to becoming one of Cairo’s go-to dance destinations. As described on their Facebook page, “Adams Dance studio has classes at all levels to suit everyone. Classes begin at beginners level and progress through advanced, both for kids and adults.” While they are mainly known for their hip hop classes, they also offer classes in salsa, bachata, swing, ballet and more. 

Danssabeel Contemporary Dance 

Image courtesy of Danssabeel Facebook page.

While Danssabeel Contemporary Dance is another studio that specializes in contemporary dance (as its name suggests), they also offer classes in other dance styles such as jazz and even whirling. In addition to this, the studio also offers yoga, fitness and dance fitness classes. As described on their Facebook page, “Danssabeel was established to encourage the community to come together for self-development through creative movement practices.”

DanZone Studio

Image courtesy of DanZone Facebook page.

One of the few leading dance studios in the Heliopolis area, DanZone Studio offers a wide range of dance classes including tap dancing. As described on their Facebook page, “DanZone Studio is a professional dance school in Cairo, Egypt that offers classes in different dance styles such as tap dance, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and break dance.” They cater to all experience levels for both children and adults. 

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