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Breadfast’s New Madinaty Cafe: Fluffy Donuts and Rich Coffee

Breadfast’s New Madinaty Cafe: Fluffy Donuts and Rich Coffee

Breadfast Cafe in Madinaty. Source: Nourhan ElRifai

In a breezy corner of Madinaty’s open-air mall, you can find Breadfast’s first flagship store. As someone who has been longing for a good spot close to home to meet friends at, I could not wait to go and try it out.

You know how in movies and TV shows the main group of friends have this one specific diner they hang out in regularly, and it makes you think: “Wouldn’t that be a cool place to have?” That was the first thing that came to my mind when I went to the Breadfast café.

As soon as you enter, you are met with a cozy atmosphere and the smell of baked goods and freshly brewed coffee. The gradient purple on the walls gives a vibrance to the café’s decor, and the spacious coffee counter makes you feel like they do their coffee justice.

Coffee counter in Madinatys Breadfast. Source: Youmna Maghraby

I noticed that other guests at Breadfast were usually groups of friends coming to catch up, mothers who fancied their coffee in fancy mugs, lone readers engrossed in their books, or big families with an affinity for donuts. Or, in my case, the intermixing of my family with my friends which suddenly turned into a big gathering on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Since I am an old customer of Breadfast’s online bakery, and I usually go for safe and well-known choices, I decided to try new goods at the café. We ordered a honey cake (EGP 44), a Lotus donut (EGP 26), a Spanish latte (EGP 55), and a grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard (EGP 63).

I personally would not have gone for cake because they are usually too chewy and dry for my taste. But when I tried the honey cake, I was surprised by how much the cream added a rich flavor to the mouthful. It was the perfect fusion of butter, cream, and light cake.

Honey cake from Breadfast. Source: Egyptian Streets

My favourite item was the Spanish latte. You can really taste the strong coffee without having it overshadow the flavour of the condensed milk. You would think that the coffee would lose the foam after a few sips as usual. But my Spanish latte maintained its foam to the very last sip. I honestly do not know if this was just luck or if I had just discovered my favourite coffee.

Spanish latte from Breadfast maintaining its foam. Source: Egyptian Streets

As for the Lotus donut, I may have lied about trying it for the first time. It is one of my usual orders, but I just had to include something familiar. One difference I noticed between the Lotus donut I got at the shop and the ones I usually ordered online was the powdered Lotus biscuits as a topping. Though Lotus donuts are one of my favourites, the topping was a bit too much for me; it overshadowed the fluffiness of the donut itself, but a sip of coffee still managed to complement it while the dough maintained its glorious fluffiness.

Lotus donut from Breadfatst. Source: Egyptian Streets

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think of Breadfast is coffee and baked goods. This is why I decided to try one of their sandwiches to have a deeper taste of their menu.

I could tell that the bread itself was suitable for those who are keen on eating healthy: the bread was multi-grained panini with a bit of lettuce with the chicken. Although the sandwich itself was tasty, it would have been better if it had included more vegetables.

Weekends at the Breadfast café are the busiest, and their signature baked goods are swiped off in a blink of an eye, yet you can still see how dedicated the wait staff are; they manage to go through the day with a smile.

However, if you are looking for a more laid-back and quiet atmosphere if you usually work from home, I recommend going on weekday mornings to catch the fresh baked goods.

Whether sitting indoors enjoying the view on the small fountains or the outdoors giving a panoramic view of the sunset, I came to associate Breadfast with quality time spent with friends, rich coffee, and fluffy donuts.

Breadfast in Madinaty. Source: Nourhan ElRifai

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