Egypt’s FM to Meet Ukraine-Russia Delegations to Reach Diplomatic Solution

Egypt’s FM to Meet Ukraine-Russia Delegations to Reach Diplomatic Solution

Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry

Egyptian Foreign Minister (FM) Sameh Shoukry is set to hold meetings with Russian FM, Sergey Lavrov, and later Ukrainian FM, Dmytro Kuleba to seek a diplomatic solution to end the war, tweeted the Ministry’s Spokesperson Ahmed Hafez.

Egypt’s diplomatic visit serves as a part of the Ukrainian crisis liaison group of the Arab League (AL), which includes representatives from The group, which includes representatives from Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, and the UAE.

Shoukry has already left for Moscow as of Monday 4 April according to the Spokesperson’s tweet, and will later head to Warsaw on Tuesday to meet with the Ukrainian FM.

Through the AL’s crisis group, Shoukry hopes to contribute to finding a diplomatic solution for both parties.

Egypt’s enhanced role in the diplomatic dialogue between the two parties comes after a phone call between Presidents Abdelfattah Al-Sisi, Vladimir Putin, and Volodymyr Zelensky separately.

Presidential Spokesperson, Bassam Radi, highlighted the conversation with Putin “[stressed] Egypt’s position in support of all diplomatic endeavors that shall expedite reaching a political settlement to the conflict in order to curb the deterioration of the situation and maintain international security and stability.”

“Egypt [is keen] to make all efforts to achieve this, whether at the bilateral, regional or international levels,” Radi also stated in Sisi’s call with Zelensky.

The Russian invasion on Ukraine is of critical importance to Egypt as well in terms of the economic instability it may cause it. 

Since the advent of the war, Egypt has suffered a shortage in wheat – as Egypt heavily relied on Ukrainian wheat. Furthermore, the Egyptian Pound has plummeted in value due to a shortage of dollars in the Egyptian treasury markets.

Consequently, Egypt hopes to see the end of the conflict as soon as possible to prevent further economic damage and resume global stability.

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