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5 Ways to Enjoy Eid Break if You’re Staying in Cairo

July 6, 2022
Pottery Photo via Rome Tours for Kids
Photo via Rome Tours for Kids

With a week-long Eid Al Adha break coming up, Cairo is expected to be a ghost town. From Thursday onwards, most people will rush to beaches and resorts outside the busy city and along Egyptian coastlines. For the few who forgot to save up for this holiday, or were too busy to make hotel bookings, there are plenty of options to enjoy while staying in Cairo.

Aziz Maraka Concert

Aziz Maraka
Photo via Facebook

What is better than attending a concert at El Sawy Culture Wheel? Attending a concert for Aziz Maraka at El Sawy Culture Wheel. The Jordanian artist will be performing on 14 July at the venue, located in Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood.

Tickets are sold online for EGP 250 (USD 13).

El Gamila w El Wahsh at Cairo Festival City

El Gamela w El Wahsh performance
Photo via TicketsMarche

As a leading hub for entertainment at Cairo Festival City, The Marquee is organizing a family musical show called El Gamila w El Wahsh (Beauty and the beast) on 10 and 11 July. Tickets start from EGP 150 (USD 8) and go up to EGP 500 (USD 26.5).

Book your spot here.

ZED Park

ZED Park
Photo via Property Finder

Located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, ZED Park is the ultimate amusement destination for exciting and memorable experiences. From the swing ride to the ferris wheel and the horror house, the park offers its visitors numerous forms of entertainment.

Additionally, they have exclusive offers for Eid. Book your tickets here.


Zamalek Kayak
Photo via Facebook

On these hot summer days, there is nothing more refreshing than a splash of water while kayaking along the Nile. With small boats and life jackets, enjoy a unique rowing experience alone, or with a group of friends. To top it off, no previous experience is required.

Contact Zamalek Kayak for more information before going.


Photo via Ceramics Studio Co-op

If you’re waiting for Eid break to simply relax and unwind, dedicate one day to a special activity that you will most definitely not regret. The Egyptian contemporary arts and culture center, Darb 1718, is organizing a one-day pottery workshop on 9 July, from 11 AM to 2 PM. The workshop offers training on shaping pots by hand, creating shapes, and learning methods of drilling.

For EGP 400 (USD 21), learn about ceramic, pottery, types of clay, stages of its formation.

Reserve your spot by registering here.

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