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‘Cairo Says’: How an Instagram Account Became Egypt’s Slang Dictionary

December 12, 2022

In every corner of the world, language is a vital part of human connection. The words used and phrases spoken reflect more than mere tools for communication, they express cultures, value systems, and feelings. For millennia, Egypt has been intertwined with several languages due to its colonized history. Yet, Arabic ultimately instilled itself as the dominant language in this multilingual hub. Arabic in Egypt has different dialect variations and styles, and ‘street-swagger’ Arabic is commonly used in Egypt. Created in 2020 by the three Samman siblings, Clara, Patricia, and Chris, ‘Cairo Says’ aims to bridge generational and cultural gaps by helping people understand Egypt’s commonly used words and phrases. “We [siblings] were in French schools our entire lives and we continued studying abroad,”” Clara Samman, 24-year old Program Officer tells Egyptian Streets. “ We were always used to using Egyptian filler words or slang that is rooted in Egypt, such as yaani (somehow) or fakes (nevermind) and we were always asked to translate it for our foreign friends.”   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Cairo Says (@cairo.says) The eldest Samman, who founded ‘Cairo Says’ with…

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