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Why an Egyptian Hoodie Brand Sparked a Heated Social Media Debate

January 19, 2023

Egyptian Twitter spiraled into controversy when content creator Ouda launched his original brand of hoodies, Oudies. What started as a whimsical challenge quickly escalated into heated arguments about class disparity – a historically contentious topic in Egypt, made more so by rising inflation. The events leading up to the online debate began in December, when the influencer posted a series of TikTok interviews with local business owners, inviting viewers to answer the question: “Are local brands overpriced?” Coupled with price comparisons of hoodies made by local and international brands, the series set the stage for a subsequent video in which Ouda shared a comment from one follower asking him to create his own brand of hoodies. By the end of the 30-second clip, he had agreed to take on the challenge, and to do so in a record 21 days. His brand, he assured, would offer high quality products at fair prices. Over the following weeks, he shared daily vlogs documenting the process. Viewers rallied in support, offering to assist with design and marketing, or even helping him source the right fabrics. Every step unfolded in conversation with Ouda’s followers,…

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