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Egyptian Red Crescent Establishes Hub for Relief and Emergency Services in Sudan

April 25, 2023

To provide assistance to individuals in Sudan near the Arqin border — a crossing between Egypt and Sudan — the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) announced in a statement released on Monday, 24 April, that it had established a hub for relief and emergency services. The services include psychological support, provision of medicine, snacks, telephone and online communications, transportation arrangements, family ties restoration, as well as first aid to passers-by. There is also a meeting point for passers-by in Aswan, where the same services will also be provided for those that arrive in the city. In the case of the conflict escalating in Sudan, the ERC is discussing the establishment of safe passages in coordination with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. On April 23, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement instructing Egyptian residents living in Sudan to leave the nation due to the ongoing armed situation there. Mohamed Al Gharawy, who worked as an administrative assistant at the Egyptian embassy in Sudan, was killed on Monday, April 24, according to a statement released by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The statement did not mention…

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