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Where Comedy and Nostalgia Collide: 6 Timeless Egyptian Plays

May 1, 2023

Spanning over decades, Egyptian masraheyat (theater plays) are a staple of Egyptian culture. Not only do the classic masraheryat boast legacies of remarkable achievements, but they also have stood the test of time—remaining timeless classics that are still re-watched until the present day. The art of theater has been etched in Egypt’s history since the French campaign in 1789, and almost a century later, Khedive Ismail established the French Comedy Theatre and the Opera House as part of celebrations he had prepared on the occasion of opening the Suez Canal in 1989. In the 1960s and 70s, comedy theater began to rise in popularity, where Egyptian audiences started attending plays by Adel Imam and Mohamed Sobhi. From this point forward, some of Egypt’s timeless plays, such as Madrasset El Moshaghbeen (The School of Troublemakers, 1973), Al Motazawegoon (The Married Couples, 1978), and many others began to emerge. Still widely adored by Egyptians today—here are some Egyptian masraheyat to watch for a good laugh. Madrasset El Moshaghbeen (The School of Troublemakers, 1973) This classic play follows a group of notoriously mischievous students—who have been in the same class for 14 years—until…

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