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From Love to Work and Play: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

May 18, 2023

Spanning over 3,000 years, ancient Egyptian civilisation stretched from the north of what is known today as Syria, to the south of modern-day Sudan in its heyday. The civilisation started off as city states — divided into two regions — that ran along the Nile river in North Africa. Spread out along the banks of the Nile from south to north, upper Egypt was named as such for being located upstream of the river, and lower Egypt in the north was located downstream. It was around 3100 B.C that both regions merged thus creating one state which would go on to prosper for a millennia. It would then be divided into three main periods: the old, middle and new kingdoms — with two periods in between the three eras known as the first and second intermediate periods, which were beset by instability. Ancient Egyptians have been hailed for their achievements, most notably the pyramids. To this day, the pyramids’ mode of construction incites debate because it was considered ahead of its time. But what constitutes the lifestyle of an individual living in ancient Egypt? What types of jobs did they…

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