5 Accommodations for a Unique Experience in Egypt

5 Accommodations for a Unique Experience in Egypt

Photo credit: House of Kheops Instagram account/@hsn08

In the diverse landscape that is Egypt, where one chooses to stay can define their entire vacation experience. While there’s certainly no shortage of hotels catering to tourists, there are some accommodations that go beyond merely housing guests – they become an integral part of the journey itself.

Egypt boasts a wide array of lodging options, catering to every desire, fantasy, and preference. Whether it is for an adventurous spirit or a history enthusiast, the country is dotted with hidden treasures waiting to be explored. After all, the choice of accommodation can either make or break a vacation.

Here are five exceptional and unconventional lodging options in Egypt that promise to add an extraordinary twist to your trip.

Arcade Home: a Cultural Hideaway in Fayoum

Just a short drive away from Cairo, Fayoum boasts a rich history and culture. Nestled within the renowned Tunis Village, Arcade Home is an extraordinary Airbnb that mirrors Fayoum’s distinct personality.

Conceived by architect Omar El-Farouk, the property doubles as his residence. The structure pays homage to traditional architecture, drawing inspiration from Mamluk and Fatemi designs.

Finding inspiration in the Mamluk and Fatemi designs, Arcade home offers a studio for rent, which comes with a balcony overlooking the lake.

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Dahab Hostel: A Nature-Inspired Oasis in Downtown Cairo

Photo credit: Dahab Hostel Instagram account

Tucked within the bustling streets of downtown Cairo, Dahab Hostel stands as an oasis of calm amidst the urban chaos. Perched atop a rooftop, this unconventional haven seamlessly fuses nature and art, inviting visitors to experience a slice of beach paradise right in the heart of the vibrant city.

The walls of the hostel are covered in mesmerizing artworks. The genesis of this family-run establishment traces back to 1998 when Egyptian surgeon Abdel Alim El Tamamy decided to transform a rooftop storage area into a unique hostel concept. The name “Dahab,” a nod to the tranquil coastal town, encapsulates the essence of this urban retreat.

Abdel Alim El Tamamy envisioned a camp-like structure in place of the storage area that was on the colonial-style building’s roof. “I have a crazy idea, we could turn this place into a hostel,” El Tamamy told the friend he was visiting in that building. And thus began the transformation into what is today known as Dahab Hostel.

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Villa Belle Epoque: a Vintage Boutique Gem in Maadi

In the heart of Maadi, the charming Villa Belle Epoque stands as a boutique hotel exuding vintage allure. Having designed each room with a unique aesthetic, the structure was built in the 1920s and seems to retain the charm of that epoch.

The boutique hotel’s garden reflects its character with a medium-sized pool and patios that offers guests shade under a mix of lemon, guava, olive and mango trees. The on-site restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, serving an array of international cuisine.

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House of Kheops: a Pyramid-View Haven in Giza

Photo credit: The House of Kheops Instagram

House of Kheops boasts a unique selling point – its proximity to the iconic pyramid. Guests wake up to the awe-inspiring sight of one of the world’s seven wonders right at their doorstep.

The multifunctional space was inaugurated in 2014 in the Giza Necropolis plateau. Run by a family, House of Kheops is made up of four rooms with the room on the top floor serving as an observatory of sorts to view the pyramid of Khufu. Part of the furniture that make up the exceptional structure were received as a gift from Gibraltarian artist Christian Hook.

The property features its own water well and a traditional bread oven located in the garden.

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Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary: Luxury Amidst Dakhla Oasis

Amidst the tranquil Dakhla Oasis, Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary beckons with its eco-friendly luxury. This unique lodge, comprising 20 rooms, is constructed using traditional techniques and locally sourced materials, including custom-made furniture.

The hotel offers an immersive experience of the desert and the oasis, providing respite from modern technology and city lights. At its core, Al Tarfa embodies sustainability, focusing on the interconnected pillars of people, culture, and ecology.

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