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This Live Wedding Painter is Capturing Egyptian Weddings One Canvas at a Time

November 6, 2023
Photo credit: Esraa Obeya’s Instagram account
Photo credit: Esraa Obeya’s Instagram account

Most couples usually like to keep memories of their weddings through pictures and videos, carefully selecting their photographer and videographer to capture their special moments. But in Egypt, wedding painting recently became popular among many grooms and brides-to-be because it captures their wedding in a different light.

With a passion for art since her childhood, and a talent nurtured by her parents, Esraa Obeya, a young Egyptian artist, began her journey of making her hobby become a full-time profession that makes both her clients and herself happy.

To create something memorable before leaving school, Obeya decided to perform a live painting at her school graduation ceremony. After receiving a flood of positive feedback on her art, she decided to pursue this as her career.

A graduate of Alexandria University’s Faculty of Arts, Obeya took several workshops to develop her talent. Seeing friends compliment her pieces made her determined to embark on a career she genuinely enjoys.

Through short reels on her Instagram account, more couples began noticing her talent and requesting her presence at their wedding.


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“My day starts at 7 AM. I get ready and head to the venue early on before the wedding begins, to decide where I will be working. I stay till the end of the wedding, painting and adding details to the piece to perfect it,” Obeya tells Egyptian Streets. “It’s a full-day job.”

By observing the atmosphere of every wedding, understanding the decoration style and listening to the music played, the Alexandria-based artist reflects the wedding ambiance in her painting.

“I try to always make sure that the painting I create for them captures a special moment that is not captured in the pictures taken of the wedding. I try to capture the essence of each wedding,” Obeya explains.

The 26-year-old artist usually has a detailed call with the bride and groom prior to their wedding, where she asks them about the main elements that they wish to highlight in their wedding.

Although live wedding painting is slowly becoming popular in the country, with more artists adopting it, Obeya believes in her talent and her ability to stand out.

“I was the first to start this type of art in Egypt, and I’m my own competitor,” Obeya says.

With immense focus on the quality of the tools she uses, as well as the quality of the painting itself, Obeya believes it is important to stay focused and give each painting the attention it deserves.

“I give each painting my all because it’s a piece that will remain with them for a lifetime.”

Follow Esraa Obeya on Instagram to learn more about her art.

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