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Egyptian Sensation Sherine Takes the World by Storm

January 30, 2024

“Sherine Abdelwahab, you will always be famous,” reads a TikTok video by an Arab creator.

Egyptian superstar Sherine Abdelwahab — famously known as Sherine — has been etched into Egypt’s pop-music scene since the early 2000s. She is known for her powerful and moving vocals and lyrics that leave an indelible impact that lingers in the hearts of those who listen.

In late 2023, some of Sherine’s notable hit songs, such as Sabry Aalil and Kalam Eineh resurfaced on the playlists of many — mainly because her songs started trending on TikTok. Both Arab and non-Arab creators have been using her songs as sounds in their videos. Since then, Shereine has taken the world by storm.

Her song Sabry Aalil garnered a surge of more than 100 percent in giant streaming platform Spotify streams — attracting fans from France, Sweden, Pakistan, and Malaysia and even securing a coveted spot on the Viral Spotify charts of these countries.

Similarly, her melodically alluring song Kalam Eineh also experienced a historic surge of over 12,300 percent in streams on Spotify since August 2023. The track has made its mark on various charts in different countries, including Saudi Arabia and India’s Top Songs, as well as Viral 50 Global and Germany.

Both tracks have been added to Indonesia’s flagship playlist, “Causeway Trends” with Sherine dominating the cover.

From Egypt to France and Indonesia, Sherine has managed to seep into the hearts of worldwide listeners — breaking language barriers. Her global success is a testament to the exciting future of Arab artists.

Here is a Spotify playlist of Sherine’s top songs — happy listening.

Sabry Aalil

Kalam Eineh

El Watar El Hasas

Ya Layaly

Just a Dream – Coke Studio Fusion Mix

Ah Ya Leil

Ala Bali

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