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Sandstorm and Scorching Hot Weather Strike Egypt

Sandstorm and Scorching Hot Weather Strike Egypt

Sandstorm on May 28, 2015. Credit: Amr Elsayed
Sandstorm on May 28, 2015. Credit: Amr Elsayed

With temperatures reaching a high of 45°C, residents of Cairo, Alexandria and other cities of Egypt have had to endure long days stuck at home with air-conditioners, drinking ice-cold juice on the streets and even swimming in public fountains to remain hydrated.

Credit: Amr Elsayed
Credit: Amr Elsayed
Credit: Amr Elsayed
Credit: Amr Elsayed

As temperatures soared, however, a sandstorm quickly swept many parts of Cairo, leaving the city with yellow skies and empty streets.

Mohandeseen district. Credit: Assem Emam
Mohandeseen district. Credit: Assem Emam

Stuck at home, many Egyptians have been sharing their photographs of the heatwave and sandstorm.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health has warned citizens to avoid leaving their homes, unless it is to travel to work or school, and to ensure citizens remain hydrated at all times.

The current heatwave, Egypt’s Meteorological Authority said, is expected to last until Thursday night (May 28).

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