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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Egypt

October 11, 2012
Abu Simbel Temple in Luxor at Night

Since the extraordinary events at Tahrir Square in 2011, where thousands of passionate Egyptians managed to enter a new democratic era, tourism to Egypt has taken a hit. Tourism is essential for Egyptian prosperity post-revolution, with the industry providing jobs for 16 million Egyptians.

To possibly help in boosting tourism, I decided to write a post recommending four reasons why you should visit Egypt!

1)  Monuments and Artefacts

From The Metropolitan Museum in New York, to the Louvre in Paris, Ancient Egypt tends to feature prominently in museums world-wide. Recently, the exhibition “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,” travelled the world ended the final leg of a 10-year-long tour in Japan. The exhibition attracted more than 7 million visitors around the world. In Australia it managed to break attendance records at the Melbourne Museum.


Comments (26)

  1. You forgot the best reason of all: the Egyptian people. From my first days as an undergraduate who didn’t speak a word of maSri to … well, now I’ve forgotten most of my fusHa, the Egyptians themselves are what has kept me coming back again and again and again. And, inshallah, again soon 🙂

    1. You are absolutely right! Originally, I planned this article to be “Top 5 Reasons why to visit Egypt” with the fifth being the people. Unfortunately, I ran out of words! From the hospitality, to the pure kindness they display, they are definitely memorable – regardless of where you are from.