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Multiple deaths in Egypt amid growing unrest

June 29, 2013
Tahrir Square during the early hours of Friday, 28 June

Violence has gripped Egypt as hundreds of thousands of supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsi spilled into the streets. Deadly clashes between the two polarized groups have led to at least five deaths, including that of an American student. In Egypt’s capital, demonstrations largely remained peaceful despite minor clashes. Supporters of Morsi filled Nasr City’s Rabaa Al-Adaweya square chanting “Islamic, Islamic, we want an Islamic state,” and singing songs in favor of the President. Meanwhile, the number of protesters in Tahrir Square rivaled those of the 2011 revolution, as anti-Morsi demonstrators sang national songs and chanted for the downfall of the regime.   Despite the largely peaceful atmosphere in Cairo, reports indicate at least two foreign women were sexually harassed in the square before protesters swiftly acted to save the women . The perpetrators were kicked out of the square and handed over to security services and the women were reportedly taken to a field hospital. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=AU&hl=en-GB&client=mv-google&feature=player_embedded&v=oFs2UHFICao&nomobile=1] Egypt’s northern cities experienced the most violence, as massive clashes broke out between the two opposing groups and headquarters of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood were torched. In Alexandria, at least two people…

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