18 High School Students Killed in Fiery Crash in Egypt

18 High School Students Killed in Fiery Crash in Egypt
Scene of the crash. Credit: Youm7
Scene of the crash. Credit: Youm7

A school bus crashed into two trucks and a private vehicle on an agricultural road early Wednesday, killing at least 18 people and injuring 16 others, reported state-run news agency MENA.

The crash occurred on the 169 kilometre of the Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Road in Beheira, reported MENA.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehle and Health Minister Adel al-Adawi headed to the scene of the accident, reported state television. Mehleb vowed that there will be a “firm stand” with “undisciplined” truck drivers.

The crash ignited a fire among the cars on the road. A health ministry source told Aswat Masriya that 11 bodies of the victims were completely burnt.

Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi ordered a medically-equipped aircraft to fly to the scene of the crash and help the victims.

According to media, the bus belonged to Al-Orman Hotel and Tourism High School.

Road accidents are a common occurrence in Egypt, being among the prime causes of death in the Arab world’s most populous country.

According to a report released by the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) in June, the number of car accidents occurring in Egypt in 2013 rose by 0.4 percent when compared to the 2012 figure.

This is the second deadly road accident to take place in Egypt this week.

A microbus carrying university students crashed into a truck in Sohag on Sunday, leaving at least 10 female students killed.

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  • Anne Abercrombie

    Get the trucks off the roads during rush hour PLEASE!!!! Also more strict rules for driving lessons should be enforced as it seems lots of people have no clue how to drive. Strict fines too. The government can make lots of money on fines and remove licenses if they keep on doing dangerous things endangering others.

  • Anne Abercrombie

    This year the driving has become incredibly worse and I am a nervous wreck. Nobody is following any rules anymore. People go around roundabouts the wrong way. They cut in front of you from the left and right to turn off the road completely. Hundreds of people are driving while talking on on their mobile phones. Huge trucks are driving during rush hour when people are going to school and work. When are trucks going to be stopped driving during rush hour????? They are crazy drivers and cause too many accidents.

  • Ikhwanii Extincticus

    Egyptians are the worst drivers in the world! I see mothers driving with babies on their laps and children hanging out windows and last week saw two cars being driven by parents with their young children sitting on the roofs of both cars along a stretch of highway doing about 50kmph!! there is something seriously wrong with Egyptian mentality!

  • amrhassan



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