Egypt Declares Week Of Mourning After Libya Beheadings

Egypt Declares Week Of Mourning After Libya Beheadings

9e104aac-3ede-4562-b389-ae982c86b213A family member of one of 27 Egyptian Coptic Christian workers who have been kidnapped in the Libyan city of Sirte, sits crying in front of a banner with pictures of the workers, in Cairo, February 13, 2015. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for an urgent meeting late Sunday of the National Defence Council after a video showing the beheadings of Egyptian abductees in Libya surfaced.

Sisi declared a week of mourning over the victims and expressed condolences to their families.

A video was released earlier today featuring images of the kidnapped Egyptian Copts being led by men clad in black, except for one, along the shore of Tripoli, according to video subtitles.

The video was titled “a message signed with blood to the nation of the cross.”

Twenty-one Coptic Egyptians were abducted in the Libyan city of Sirte on two separate occasions in December and January, only one week apart.

The spokesman of Egypt’s Orthodox Church said “we are still communicating with official state bodies,” state-run news agency MENA cited him as saying.

Spokesman Boulos Halim described the video as “painful” and confirmed the identities of the abductees.

Shortly after the video’s release, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry held an urgent meeting with members of the “crisis cell”, formed by Sisi in January to follow up on the kidnappings, to discuss possible arrangements in coordination with state apparatuses.

In the video, the speaker delivers a message after which the abductees, who were kneeling, were forced to lie down and had their throats slit simultaneously.

After the beheadings, the speaker says the killings were “were in revenge for Camilia and her sisters.”

Camilia Shehata is an Egyptian woman who was at the centre of controversy back in 2010 after her disappearance following news that she converted from Christianity to Islam. A group of Egypt’s conservative Muslims believe that she was eventually forced back into Christianity.

The video footage is consistent with images that had been released on social media on Thursday, showing the kidnapped Egyptians in orange jumpsuits with the sea in the backdrop.

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  • AbdulNasr

    Ask Erdoğan the president of Turkey, he knows where the next terrorist attack will happen.

    Turkey is a supporter of terrorists. Turkey is actively supporting IS.

    We can’t let Turkish terrorists change the way of our life.

    Turkey is the source of terrorists and terrorism.

  • tomorrowneverdies

    This bunch of criminal group is targeting and killing unarmed and helpless people

  • clipper

    ISIS, cowards hiding behind masks ,they have no gods only the devil himself.They are a threat to the human race and need to be eliminated.

  • vonrock

    Barack, ‘Christians ? Fore…..

  • Maxtor Max

    arab spring produced followers : ISIS.

    i miss Sadam and Colonel Gaddafi.

  • Joe Castellana

    I truly don’t mean to sound insensitive, but why in the hell don’t those Christian “sheep” get some f’n machine guns and start butchering ISIS??????????????????

    • FunnyFaceKing

      Matthew 5:39

  • Markov Chain

    egypt is a muslim country so this would have little effect on them

    • Sara

      you can’t be more wrong lol. Read the news.

    • GEORGE


    • Omar

      This is false. Egypt was originally a Coptic country, and is now home to both Muslims and Christians.

      Your second point is also false. Many Muslims in Egypt are disturbed, sickened and depressed as a result of this event. People are people for God’s sake. It doesn’t matter what religion a person believes in or whether or not he/she is atheist. These poor souls were butchered.

  • Jamnalal modi

    Allah is a pig. Lets serve pork at mecca this EID.

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  • noxcovenant

    >After the beheadings, the speaker says the killings were “were in revenge for Camilia and her sisters.”

    So you kill 20 people just for a tiny unconversion?? If you cared about Camille so much, why didn’t you…simply give her a phone call and sway her back?

    As a muslim, this entire situation befuddles and digusts me. I hope ISIS is destroyed by Egypt down to the last man. This group is not human. They’re monsters with no shred of humanity.

    • Between the Lines

      I agree with you that ISIS should be destroyed but be careful what you ask for.
      Sissi is hell bent on painting every group who opposes his regime as a part of ISIS. Some of his mouthpieces actually claim it’s the Brotherhood that slaughtered the Coptics. Not ISIS.
      I’m more comfortable with Jordan’s approach.

  • patkelly03

    As humanity enters the 21st century, Hitler is dead and before long, so too will be ISIS. It is time to take all illusions of power away from ISIS and the pitiful savages trying to pretend they are an important part of the human race. They are a plague upon the civilized world that must be extinguished before it spreads too far. The sooner we turn ISIS into nothing more than a bad dream and forgotten memory the better for every man woman and child who naturally detests the barbarism and animal savagery that is the face of ISIS. Death to ISIS, its false prophets, its false moralities and everything else it stands for.

    • pontiferosplatypus

      I agree, stop giving ISIS control. When we fear them, we are empowering and affirming their actions.

  • Adiba El-Amin

    Islam is a political movement like Nazism, it is not a religion. Ban it in every civilized country.

    • efgt

      Most muslims are against the ISIS ideology and there methods. You are so ignorant to suggest that ISIS stands for muslims as a whole

      • Blick Mang

        Most Germans opposed Nazism as well, but that didn’t stop a small minority from causing the Holocaust. German cities needed to be carpet bombed in order to defeat it.

        It’s understandable you don’t want to be grouped in with ISIS, and that you practice Islam peacefully. The many Shia Muslims and Kurds who are fighting ISIS have my respect. But until Sunni Islam undergoes a reformation – much like Christianity in the 1500’s – there will continue to be a small, consistent minority of extremists willing to commit violence in the name of Islam.

        • ernests

          BAN GERMANS!

  • LieutenantCharlie

    And since Barack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton, conspired to start, and support ISIS/ISIL, by removing the American Troops from both Afghanistan and Iraq, exactly when they were needed to stop ISIS/ISIL. Thus causing thousands of deaths, that could have been prevented.
    Obama and Clinton conspired to shift the focus, away from Benghazi, Libya, and the Negligent Homicide they committed against four Americans.
    What action should be taken by the U.S.A. to punish Obama and Clinton?

    • Kelly

      Really? We have a group that is morally equivalent to the Nazis of WWII, who threaten all people in the U.S., and instead of showing solidarity in mobilizing U.S resources to destroy ISIS, you want to make it about political differences between Republicans and Democrats? Keeping Americans divided so we can’t mobilize a unified response to ISIS is exactly what ISIS would like. Whose side are you on?

    • NotJustMyself

      Seriously, you should get your Obama-shaped goggles off. Is there -any-, I mean -any- wrong going on on the earth that is not (in your opinion) a result of Obama’s ignorance, brainlessness or criminal behavior?

      If you applied such single-mindedness to something more constructive, perhaps you’d be able to be a part of the solution, rather than the problem.

    • vonrock

      No caddies ? and no white girls under 16 ?

    • Cpl C

      How about you put yourself in the front lines before you start mouthing off about what our president did. Be educated not ignorant. -former Marine.

  • no one in particular

    round and round we go..the merry go round of revenge.

  • z-west

    ban islam

    • efgt

      Are you retarded, 90% of muslims would condemn this, you cannot be against a whole religion just because of the evil minority

      • Blick Mang

        Let’s use your math. What is 10% of 1.5 billion?

        That’s a whole lot of people for being a small minority.


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