Dog Brutally Stabbed Before Being Crushed By A Metal Pole In Egypt

Dog Brutally Stabbed Before Being Crushed By A Metal Pole In Egypt

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.49.17 pm

Graphic video has gone viral on social media showing the brutal and tragic killing of a medium-sized brown dog in Al-Haram, Giza.

In the video, the dog is seen helplessly surrounded by men carrying large knives and machetes. Moments later, the men start relentlessly  stabbing the dog as the blood covers the ground below him and his yelping echoes through the streets.

Despite surviving the stabbing, with large gaping wounds on his body, the dog is shortly killed after one man with a large metal pole crushes his body and skull against the pavement.

According to social media users, the owner of the dog had let him loose on eight thugs. To avoid prison time, the dog’s owner offered his apologies to the men, but the men demanded they are given the dog to kill. Despite refusing at first, the owner surrendered the dog, resulting in the tragic death.

Outraged, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) has filed an official complaint urging those responsible for the brutal act to be brought to justice.

In solidarity with the dog, social media users have called for justice by raising awareness of the incident using the hashtag #كلب_شارع_الاهرام (#Dog_Of_Alahram_Street).


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  • Hannah

    ok so who ever abuses any animal and KILLS IT!!! Should go to jail for life or sentenced to death, not just 3 months or 3 years. Those poor dogs did not deserve die if anything it should be that disgusting thing they call a “Human” well have fun in h#LL bit#!e$

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  • theraini1

    I love dogs with all of my heart. You will not find a life more capable of love and loyalty. I have very little love for most humans.. because you will not find a more viscious , sadistic, disloyal life on this planet.. I am ashamed to be human.

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  • sidd thaly

    i always see the so called citizens and laymen hw they watch and they dnt intervene in such incidents..bloody sick people watchin this happen

  • sidd thaly

    first that owner mohamed el sayed shud be burnt asshole and a thief himself he shud be torchered then these guys families shud be torchered in front of them..humans r traitors and a selfish race…sick

  • Ed

    I Dont think banning this or reporting it on the internet would be a good idea, you see when this video got removed,the public wont see this vid anymore and it will only sink into oblivion, just like that, issue forgotten, then these men would only continue to do those things because no one knows what they are doing

  • Human Being

    This just concreted my belief that these barbaric backwards cruel heartless soulless godless, pieces of garbage are not human!
    Not one person had the guts to even try to stop this!
    I would have laid my life down at least trying!
    Islam is perverted….PERIOD!

  • Brigitte St Jean

    The same thing should be done to them and then hung!!!

  • Mag Maung

    These people should not be alive.

  • paulgg

    Savages that need to be removed from society

  • Sunshine

    Congratulations to all Egyptians who had the integrity to tweet this video and managed to have the monsters arrested. They will be prosecuted and let’s cross our fingers the punishment will be severe. Indeed, there are definitely very good Muslims with a great heart and compassion towards animals and most importantly, DOGS. Thank you will all my heart.

  • paulgg

    Absolute savages, only jail time will rehabilitate those thugs

  • Reza Zadahmad

    These bastards should be punished to the full extent.

  • T. Nagib

    I’m in to track them down and beat them senseless. Then return the the next week and do it again!

  • Retribution or Sympathy

    Egypt doesn’t need change, it’s just the people.

  • Sylvia Barca

    f’ing pieces of sub-human scum need to be torched and
    blown off the map! I’m sick and tired of innocent
    and voiceless animals being brutally tortured and
    abused by this sick disgusting species of pure evil,
    taking up space on this planet! To ALL you lawmakers
    out there, start earning your money, and enforce
    strict animal rights laws, or get out of
    office…it’s that simple!!! I will no longer support
    anyone that allows such horrific abuse to animals to
    continue! It’s that simple!!! Got it!!! ~

  • Flower

    People need to stop using dogs to fight on their behalf. Dogs are pets and not weapons. This has NOTHING to do with Muslims as this could happen with any gang or person who is getting attacked by a Dog in defence! It’s disgusting behaviour and I wish the worst upon these people. There should definitely be a law set against animal cruelty worldwide! They are innocent creatures created by God and nobody has the right to take ones life! I hope these bastards suffer the worst. And people learn from this to start treating their dogs as part of their family. By mentioning Allah, they think God will forgive them, but if they were true Muslims, they would know that it’s just as big a sin as killing a human being.

  • Bo

    Kill them, Hang them.. They are below level of maggots and the owner too. To betray your best friend is a death sentence. Or just take them to IS and tell them they are Christian.

  • Beverley Langkilde

    The world will forever be without balance when our justice system does not act strongly against such cruelty to animals. Those in power, do nothing so if we do not stand up united against such vile behavior towards all injustice, we are forever in the hands of psychopath leaders which bring about psychopath citizens causing the world to be as dangerous as we see it today…. The only resolution I know, is that these savage males will pay the ultimate price in their last breath of life when they are judged by what evil they have done. Cowards, evil, cruel, no mercy, no compassion, no reasoning, no goodness.. They will pay in their last days & go where all evil must go …. ~RIP Precious little soul, many of us wish we were there to save you from those mad, evil humans, so sorry we could not. But know many humans cared for your life. ~

  • faq

    are the scum of humanity, for something in the religion are pests of God, deserve to see their kids cut the neck and die in his arms, hopefully die of the worst known and painfully.

    are the shame of humanity, have no right to be called human, deserve to die and see the death of their loved ones.

  • facundo

    are the scum of humanity, for something in the religion are pests of God, deserve to see their kids cut the neck and die in his arms, hopefully die of the worst known and painfully.

    are the shame of humanity, have no right to be called human, deserve to die and see the death of their loved ones.

  • Asma

    OMG these are horrible, horrible pictures !! Sooo sad….

  • ania

    stop islam i EU

  • Disgusting hate crime

    This saddens me more than the bombings that are happening in Egypt. Truly I feel sick to my stomach. Now before you call me a heartless monster, let me explain why this is probably one of Egypt’s lowest moments.

    Isis, bombings, and all these things are absolutely and undeniably horrible. But they are a result of people who are brainwashed and in too deep in their belief system. It comes from a stupid place in the heart.

    However, this slaughter of this innocent dog, comes from a place of pure hatred in the heart. It’s just pure evil, and that is truly the point of no return. When someone reaches that hatred and evil in their heart, there are no excuses.

  • Europa

    Better shut the borders

  • kenny

    All I can see is OMG!! I mean why?? There’s no justification for their action against this poor animal! Acts like this is totally NOT acceptable to me, they should be enjailed till its hurts badly!

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  • Shayma Nofal

    No words to describe how ugly, cruel was that.. those heartless monsters beings – call Men – made me more sure about the ugliness of human beings … I hate Egypt I wanna go out of that planet too, I really hate my country.

  • JOAN S.

    i love egypt with its history/culture but what the hell is wrong with these middle eastern men? first its the woman reporter in the street, now its the animals too? isn’t it bad enough, that if people won’t go to visit because of all the shit that’s going on there, you won’t have any tourists at all? first its india and now egypt, i won’t have a place to go if i have to by myself. who wants to see that crap? you men will never know peace in your heart!

  • TCS


    • John Bows

      DIdn’t you read all the comments from Muslims on this thread talking about how horrified they are by the acts committed in this video and the need for these “people” to be brought to justice and pay for their cruelty?

  • Regina Garrow Boots

    I wish there was a secret society that tracked down scum like that and put them down the same way they Murdered the animal.

  • Torina Tan
  • Denise Naugle

    they think they will get way with harming innocent dog’s but you just wait, you stupid idiot, your time is coming, it going to sneak up on your ass and you won’t know what hit you.

  • Denise Naugle

    let us dog’s lover’s meet these man I’ll be sire to give them the same treatment,….what goes around,…..comes around.

  • Denise Naugle

    they think they can have power, but one thing I know for sure they will burn in hell for this.

  • Denise Naugle

    this is so heartbreaking I’m so sick of seeing this poor dog suffer r.i.p. that is horrible so wrong these people don’t have no heart or soul how do these people sleep at night,… sickening this is the sick twisted world we live in,…it’s sad,….this evil must stop now.

  • Filipe Melo

    ok once again, please someone shoot these fuckers because 90% of these so called “civilized people” don’t deserve the right to live! hope you get wiped out from the face of the Earth this is not humane, this is not religion, this is not right!

  • Sean

    I would love to chain these sick low life scum bags to a pole and beat and stab them to death is I wouldn’t let them die that easy. They would be kept alive and in pain. I would make them beg for death and still not let them die, wouldn’t even give them the chance to kill them selves. Do everyone a favour and dissapear you dog

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  • Kwang Murphy

    How sad to think of how SOME PEOPLE would like to see this type of horror being hidden than spread it to the world! Yes it is not a nice sight to see But if you don’t see then you might never know what type of shit is going on around the world and also Dog is one of a living being who didn’t wanted to get treat this way.

  • trynthia

    carla, not everyone in cairo is like that! sadly there are a lot that are. we are trying to get the new government to act accordingly and list all killings of animals as a severe police sentence, and of course fines. it is an uphill battle with it being a long standing tradition here to kill dogs especially but all stray animals for they fear that they will attack and eat their (i think) children. as an american living here in cairo, i am shocked at what i see every day. unfortunately this is not even the worst of it.

    • Blade

      why cant you kill those people? if it was my dog i would kill everyone of them

  • Blade

    Im sorry but I would have cut all them to bits even if it took me a few months one by one i would hunt them down and get them …especially the fat guy…

  • Darcydog

    Big men killing a helpless dog. Makes me sick. They need the same done to them..

  • Tammy LeMaster

    bunch of dumb fucks

  • mymissionofmercy

    I don’t understand why he gave thugs his dog? I would probably die because there is no way I would allow them to have my dog. This is barbaric. Senseless act of cruelty

  • Mel Wills

    notice the way the ‘brave’ neaderthals run away from the dog trying to attack its MURDERS. So brave they had to tie him to a lampost or whatever it was so it couldn’t get away from the lowlifes. Really when will these excuses for human being evolve?

    • Neanderthal

      Don’t insult Neanderthals. We were geniuses once.

      • Mel Wills

        lol, these are the 1s the geniuses of your kind left behind, they would’ve invented a triangular wheel

  • Omar
    • Blade

      petition never help its a joke website….

  • Wessam Ahmed

    Ignorant servile scum plaguing this already oblivious society. I’m sure people will lose interest, and those fucking scumbags are going to walk free.

  • Cynthia Fuller

    we have these kinds of sub humans too in America….

  • Sue Berry

    Appalling cruelty and utterly barbaric – these people must be prosecuted. This evil must stop.

  • Mahmoud Al Masrey

    عملين رجاله علي كلب والله هذا الكلب أفضل منكم جميعا عند الله وانتظرو عقاب الله قريبا ستموتون بنفس ألطريقه إنشاءالله

  • sheilam22

    The owner was a coward and betrayed his friend – this dog would have defended his worthless owner – that is the difference between humans and animals

  • volt-and-volume-com

    Humanity is despicable! I feel for animals. This is a very sad world. It could be pure paradise, but humanity has turned planet earth into Hell.

  • Paul D’Avanzo

    I hope those inhuman pieces of shit are tortured and killed 10 times worse. As a matter of fact, send them to me and I’ll speed their trip to see their great god allah. Fucking bastards. SPIT.

    • Paser

      Why speed up their trip? Make it slow and painful, and don’t forget to tell me whenever you come across any of those scumbags. No need to be selfish here..

  • Farida

    These people need to be tried and put behind bars to say the least. There is not one word that can even describe this behavior..

  • Sevgi Ülker

    These are not a human being. They are devils appearing in human body. They should be killed too.

  • Julie PixiWitch Pearson

    How any one can do this 2 an innocent I will never know, hope that bastard meets his Karma 10 fold!

    • pitty bull

      They are pieces of shit , I’d like to go over with a few buddies and leave them near dead .

      • Ahmed khalil

        i would love to come with you and do that

        • Magdi

          If you are planning on doing that, Be sure to notify me.

    • Ahmed khalil

      if its karma then they would get killed but they don’t deserve that. I want them thrown in prison for life with a picture of that poor dog taped on their cell wall until they die.
      this just teared my heart out

  • Emad Nashed

    It’s worth mentioning that after reporting this video to facebook, they reviewed it and found that it is not violating community standards!!!

    • Carla Crawford Wales

      why report it, when the world needs to see what barbaric basdards these pople are

      • Emad Nashed

        once I saw it, I could not unsee it, and I would not like other people to go through the same painful experience.. facebook is a 13+ website, do you think this is okay for a 13 years old child to watch ?

        • ash s

          CLEARLY the video states that it is graphic…..most people who go thru the painful experience are fully aware of what their watching, ages 13, 23, 60 …. it doesnt matter. Ur ignorance doesnt help anything …. it just makes u look like a troll sorry ….. if u really wanna get upset bout this video as most of us are, get upset with the scum IN the video, not the video itself or the fact its on facebook, i think alot of ppl would agree ur action is going in the wrong direction, ur basically trying to do these lowlifes a favor by having their faces removed

          • Emad Nashed

            Sorry, but it is you who got it all wrong… if you know how social media works, by getting more likes and shares, you basically get more popular and become more influential, and your page or profile is becomes more valuable… so those guys get LIKES & SHARES in a cheap way, by sharing those videos. And if you have seen the black market of selling facebook pages, it is a serious market… and you are making them richer, and encouraging them of killing more dogs by sharing this shit…. it should be banned… FULL STOP!

          • ash s

            dude this isnt their facebook page itself. The more ppl that share it (i wouldnt “like” it) gets more pressure on authorities to get involved to bring these people to justice….. nobody commenting on here or sharing it are doing so cuz we enjoy watching this shit but if nobody knows that it is happening then how can we get together (as humanity) and try putting a stop to it, somebody knows these people and has the choice to do the right thing whos not to say this video circulating may not help do that.

            “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” if ya dont know who quoted that one look it up and try telling me he’s an idiot too;)

          • ash s

            if i were looking at one of these people’s facebook page and seen the video then i would be in the exact same position as you no doubt but its an article and their not glorifing these people, their calling them to justice

          • sheilam22

            NO – it should NOT – if we do not get these videos or pics we cannot bring criminals to justice – WATCH your kids and pay attention to what YOU look at – And if you think stuff like this is done ONLY because they have a camera to play to then you are wrong. They will commit their atrocities camera or not

          • Sunshine

            Likes or Dislikes have nothing with this. I will click ‘like’ although I dislike. Why I will click ‘like’? Because the world must see who we are dealing with. Peace.

        • zuzu

          might have been a 13 year old on the streets that time watching it live…

        • zuzu

          that didn’t stop nobody…

        • Kwang Murphy

          Wow!!! What a fucking heartless you are!! All you worry is about porn and boobs.. You are one fucking selfish individual.

        • Kim

          yes, if it blows their mind and makes them aware that this is not ok, then yes, definitely!

      • Emad Nashed

        so facebook bans boobs and allows this shit to go in… what kind of crap is this ?

        • Mariam

          And what a child is doing alone on the Internet? Parents fault. Facebook is for adults!

        • Sunshine

          The world must see this. In all my life, I’ve never seen such horrific pleasure at torturing animals as I’ve seen in the world of Islam. I’ve seen hundreds of videos of horrifying animal torture only for the pleasure. Some from Western culture (extreme minority – very rare. Almost of the barbarity towards animals is committed by muslims. Some in Chinese culture but winding down… Chinese are developing compassion, something most muslims don’t yet have.

          • trynthia

            sunshine, are you a muslim? do you know what you are saying is a fact? backed up by other sources besides your opinion? this is not about muslim and the rest of the world. this is about torture of a helpless animal. and it is done all over the world. just hidden better than it is in “muslim” areas. it is not very rare. it is not an extreme minority. this has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with cruelty. leave your religion hatred out of this.

          • Blade

            Shut up

          • Sunshine

            Trynthia: Last week, the General Manager of Al Arabiya spoke out about the unacceptable and rampant animal cruelty in the muslim world. He wants laws put in place to protect nature and animals. This is very positive. I was also very happy to read the Egyptians’ outrage and the guys got arrested. Finally… moving forward in the right direction.

          • Kim

            that is bullsh*t, have you seen what goes on during hunting, and in the slaughter houses, and milking factories, seal colonies, fur farms etc?
            Idiot, its ALL OVER THE WORLD, not indicative of one group of people!

          • Anna

            Never in a Muslim country have I seen the DISGUSTING BARBARIC occurrences that happen in the meat industry and slaughterhouses of the West (predominantly CHRISTIAN nations). But I don’t make such stupid statements like, it’s because their Christian. Everyone don’t get worked up by idiots like this bitch. Coming from a Christian, I am sick of hearing from people whose sole aim is divide our society. Please do not let this comment get to you all.

          • Blade

            So why in eqypt no animal rights for domestic animals? Man’s best friend yet you defend? Sick coward you are

          • Sunshine

            Christian nations stun the animals unconscious before slaughter. Kosher mostly stuns also. Those who don’t sever the spinal cord (transmits signals of pain and terror to the brain).

            HALAL does not stun and does not sever the spinal cord. Halal is so barbaric the animals are hooked up live, in agony, and conscious by their hind legs and dislocation occurs. Sometimes, animal suffers so much before death, the stomach membrane ruptures, spreading the toxins throughout the body (meat recalls).

            There is a growing movement in civilized nations to ban ritual slaughter. Denmark is the most recent.

            As to the rest of your comment, do your homework. You Tube has hundreds of videos on this subject.

            REMEMBER what I answered to someone else: Not all Muslims but majority don’t care about animal welfare.

            Example of Halal slaughterhouse:

          • Sunshine

            Forgot to mention: delete ‘Christian’. Replace with Western culture.

          • Muslim and proud

            Not all muslims are like that ever heard of a man called omar ibn el khatab he was scared cause the shepherds were going through a steep path or something like that and he didnt want the sheep to get hurt u know nothing about us muslims so its either u look at both good and bad muslims or just shut up

          • Sunshine

            He didn’t want the sheep to get hurt because they were his livelihood.

          • T. Nagib

            Egypt is 20% Christian Dumbass! But.. Wait until you see what the “Muslim World” does to these bastards! We are tracking them down.

          • Sunshine

            This is so funny. I know what has been done to the Christians in Egypt during Morsi, just horrible. I have an Armenian friend in the Egyptian army. I saw Egyptian T.V. break down and cry with joy when El Sisi brought out the helicopters, I saw everything, and I cried also with the Egyptians. I followed everything, day by day, as of the ouster of Mubarak up till today.

            I also know everything that is happening in that area. I get over 200 emails a day on the subject.

            Question: are you Christian or Muslim?

          • Lana S. Soufi

            Ofcourse you’re right. I mean you’ve probably met every muslim person on this planet and analyzed their views on animal rights to have come to this conclusion. It may be also possible that you’re completely unbiased when you use the words “barbarity” and “[lack of] compassion” to describe an entire race of people. Keep doing you man, until you piss someone off with your racism and get your ass whopped, and then probably get so mad you shoot up a school or a bunch of Muslims in their home. Fight the barbarity! Take a stand!

          • y

            Hun, have you ever watched ASPCA? Have you seen how many animals are tortured by moronic and brainless americans? This has nothing to do with religion, and the only reason i’m telling you this is because I consider this as hatred and discrimination and because most people consider any muslim a terrorist or whatever is going on in your stupid minds. You cant even differenciate between extremists and just normal people practising their religion.
            This happens in the middle east not because the middle east is mostly muslim but because there are a lot of ignorants and the cause is that is mostly because of poverty. So stop pretending you know it all because this happens ALL OVER THE WORLD. Even in “perfect little America”.

    • sheilam22

      you NEVER report to FB – you report to Interpol

      Keep this handy and add it to any
      post with internet crime

      Reporting Internet Crime – do NOT
      report to WORTHLESS Facebook – or You Tube


    • Sunshine

      You ashamed? What kind of barbaric people would do this to a defenseless creature of God? Please note: I heard the word ‘Allah’ that added pleasure to the horror.

      • Proud Atheist

        So you’re saying that Muslims are inherently evil? Ew. You’re gross. Kill yourself.

        • Sunshine

          Muslims surpass by far any other group re lack of compassion for animal welfare, followed by Chinese. Chinese are reigning in this issue.
          I’ve seen too many videos, hundreds of them, all as barbaric one as the other. Even fish can be in danger as reported yesterday out of U.K. where muslims had fun beaching live fish and kicking them before throwing them back in the tank with more bleach.
          Having been with a muslim for 16 years, I know quite a few muslims. None have any sympathy for dogs and all agree with horrific Halal slaughter. I suggest you look up You Tube videos on Eid-festival and see how they kill cattle.
          In Gaza, they start by breaking their knee caps with iron bars to immobilize. Enough said.
          Not all muslims agree with animal cruelty but the majority don’t care.

    • Blade

      i sent it to the UN..not expecting much but lets see

    • faq

      if you support this shit like them, I assure you no harsh in Argentina 2 minutes walk, you’ll beg for mercy po kill you, are a waste, one Cucharacha worth more than you


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