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Are Egyptians Irreversibly Destroying Their National Heritage?

March 4, 2015

“Catastrophic” was the word Monica Hanna used to describe the current situation of the Egyptian heritage. Egypt has always been boasted as being the cradle of civilisation and ‘Om El Donya’. But does the care given to our heritage live up to that reputation? The Heritage Taskforce was formed after the 25th of January revolution as a front that documents losses of and violations against Egypt’s heritage and antiquities and raise awareness about the danger Egypt’s heritage is under. Monica Hanna, an archaeologist and one of the three founders of the taskforce, tells Egyptian Streets that, in spite of the group’s best efforts, they are only able to document about six percent of the vast amount of violations perpetrated against this nation’s heritage. The taskforce, which is best known for mobilising the social media community to draw attention to the severe violations in Dahshur in 2013, which later led to the deployment of the Egyptian army on site, maintains that there are much more violations against heritage that remain undocumented, unabated and unaccounted for. “Save Egypt’s legacy…for its future” was a quote that dominated the group’s Facebook page. The Heritage…

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