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Zack’s Café: Artisan Breads, European Flare in a Local Egyptian Favorite

March 20, 2015

If you have not yet heard, the family that brought you Smiley’s Grill recently introduced a new European dining experience, Zack’s Bakery Café. The café aims to provide its customers with homemade artisan bakery items, high-grade Lavazza coffee drinks, and nutritious beverage alternatives. After hearing locals rave about their chocolaty Biscuit Cake and heart-healthy beetroot juice, I headed over to try it out and sat down with the owner, Zach Botros, to find out more about his unique selection. Zach was born into the food and beverage industry- his father founded Smiley’s Grill in 1988, even before the first McDonalds in the nation ever opened, making it quite the novelty for its Cairo customers. Now, Smiley’s Grill has been a family-run local fast-food restaurant for over 25 years, embedding itself into the everyday culture of Egypt. Its trademark yellow smiley-face bumper stickers are commonly seen on cars throughout the streets of Cairo, making the restaurant a household name. Armed with experience, willpower, and some of his mother’s home recipes, the 23-year old British University of Egypt graduate launched Zack’s Café exclusively in the Al Rehab City branch of Smiley’s Grill….

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