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The Holy Essence Of Ramadan Reduced To Overindulgence

June 23, 2015

By Nada Deyaa’ During Ramadan, there are certain unmatched joys, such as the approach of the Maghreb prayer, announcing the time when Muslims are allowed to break their fast and start eating. Other scenes, namely those of feasts of various foods and drinks around which family members gather during the Holy month, are met with great anticipation. From family gatherings to big meals, one of the Ramadan constants has always been the traditional songs welcoming “the month of generosity.” But recently, the habits Egyptians have developed in dealing with Ramadan have become far removed from the main purpose of the holy month itself. Just a simple walk down the street would be enough for any person to be dazzled with the huge and unlimited numbers of advertising billboards. The visual ads that come in several shapes and sizes are all about the series aired on TV and radio channels throughout the month. More than 35 drama series’ have been announced for airtime on different private TV channels, some of them starring the same actors. Yet, purportedly each has its own theme that discusses a different issue than the others. “Ramadan…

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