Nine Killed in Cairo Raid, Including Former Lawmaker

Nine Killed in Cairo Raid, Including Former Lawmaker

Egyptian security forces raided a house in 6 October suburb, claiming it harboured armed men
Egyptian security forces raided a house in 6 October suburb, claiming it harboured armed men

Nine men have been killed by Egyptian security forces in Cairo’s October 6 suburb. The individuals were killed in a raid on a home which was allegedly being used as Muslim Brotherhood headquarters, according to security sources. This comes alongside ongoing conflict between security forces and militants in North Sinai.

The killed include Nasser al-Hafi, a prominent Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and former lawmaker, and leading Muslim Brotherhood figure Abdel Fattah Attia.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Interior, the raid “is part of an operation of tracking down prominent and leading Muslim Brotherhood members, who have been accused and in some cases convicted of murder, violence and terrorism

“The operation was based on information indicating that the leading Muslim Brotherhood member Abdel Fattah Attia had organised a meeting with members of the Muslim Brotherhood quality operations committee at one of the group’s “dens” on July 1.

“The meeting was intended to study and plan the Muslim Brotherhood operations during the upcoming period, which include several acts of vandalism of vital facilities during the June 30 celebrations.”

Whilst the security forces claim the men were armed and began firing on security forces, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mohamed Montase denied that the men were armed, stating that they were holding an organisational meeting.

“A group of Brotherhood leaders were killed in cold blood in a house in the 6 October suburb,” said Montase in an interview with Al Jazeera Arabic. He continued to comment that the meeting was in reference to sustenance for the families of killed Brotherhood activists.

According to a Muslim Brotherhood statement, other individuals killed in the raid include Mohamed Ibrahim Taher, Mohamed Ismail, Dr Taha Ismail and Gamal Khalifa.

In another statement in English, the group said: “While asserting its rejection of the killing and violence in Sinai and other places, the Muslim Brotherhood is holding criminal Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and his gangs responsible for the repercussions of these crimes.”

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  • muhammed and his fake allah created islam in egypt and now look whats happening to egyptians ha ha fuck allah in his mouth

  • Mohamed Saad

    This was an execution not an armed confrontation….Are they killed guilty!! probably…are they involved in the violence and the terrorists bombing!!! most probably Yes.
    Was this an execution….Most probably Yes and it was very obvious from the pictures from the scene when some of them are shot sitting on a chair.

  • Commander_Chico

    More than half of Egypt voted for the MB when elections were free.

    Does Sisi think he can kill half of Egypt?

    • Omar Bibars

      Are you stupid?

      • Ramez Magdy

        sisi is stupid. And a killer.

        • KnightWolf

          Mind your own business fucker.

    • For Egypt

      After Morsi ‘governed’ for a short period, and the Egyptians tasted his extremist views, Millions came to he streets to oust him.
      Sisi just answered the people’s prayers.

      • Commander_Chico

        How is Sisi working out?

        Is he bringing peace, freedom and economic prosperity?

        Or violence, oppression, enrichment for his cronies, and poverty for the average Egyptian?

        • KnightWolf

          Your retardeness really knows no bounds.. Once we get rid of all the terrorists like tbe MB retards (who by the way love Hitler) we can then find the peace and prosperity we seek.. Not before that.. Not with fucking terrorists around… But idiots like you are too stupid to understand something so simple.

        • Arcane

          Regarding Hitler. My understanding is the MB were always Hitler lovers and worked with the Nazis. .

    • Anne Abercrombie

      That was in the beginning when half the people preferred to vote for the MB instead of anyone connected to the old regime which was a big mistake that they found out quite quickly. That is why afterwards they all voted for Sissi. They gave the MB the chance of a life time but they shot themselves in their own foot. No one with any type of concience wants to be ruled by a fanatic religious dicatatorship that is involved with terrorism that is a fact about the Egyptian majority of the people. The chaos and destruction in Cairo was enough for everyone to see that they did not care about the good of Egypt and did not care about defacing and destroying and turning the country into total chaos. These kinds of people if they do not get what they want they do not go to the voting table they go around killing and destroying public property and killing the police and army personnel. They do not love their country they are ruled by a fanatic ideology.

    • First of all, Morsi did not even win. They swapped votes between Morsi and Shafiq, by the threats of Hillary Clinton to Tantawy who caved into her threats Second of all, even IF he won fair and square in a free election (which was totally rigged by American and Soros funded NGO’s), Morsi lost all of his legitimacy. Everyone s forgetting the fact that it is possible for the president to lose his legitimacy. Morsi committed treason and violated the constitution, even the one he rammed through, and he was collaborating with terrorists. He committed treason and crimes against his own country 10 times over. So even IF he was freely elected, does not mean he will always be legitimate.

    • KnightWolf

      Half of Egypt!!!.. Hahahahaha, you are a fucking idiot, the ones who selected Morsi in the first round were barely 5 millions (that’s all the MB fuckers in Egypt).. The 15 millions he won by in the 2nd round were mostly people who didn’t want to elect Shaffeq, Sisi won elections with a whooping 25 million.. The same millions who protested aganist MB fuckers in revolutionary day of the 30th of June .. That’s Egypt you retatd.. Go back to sucking your mom’s tits maybe you will get a bit smarter.

    • Sabrina

      Most of those people who voted for MB regretted it when they found out that MB did NOT want what was best for Egypt after all….


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