ISIS-Affiliated Militants Attack Egyptian Naval Boat

ISIS-Affiliated Militants Attack Egyptian Naval Boat

Screenshot of Egyptian naval vessel from video allegedly released by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis
Screenshot of Egyptian naval vessel from video allegedly released by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis

ISIS-affiliated Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis (Sinai Province) has claimed responsibility for an attack on a naval vessel in Egypt’s North Sinai on Thursday.

The attack, which occurred at the Sinai’s Mediterranean shore, injured several patrolmen and resulted in the boat being set alight.

According to Egypt’s Armed Forces, the militants and the coastguard engaged in a firefight that led to the vessel being set alight. The coastguard had spotted and engaged ‘suspicious elements’ on the coast of the North Sinai’s Rafah, added the statement.

The Military confirmed that no military personnel had been killed despite Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis claiming it had killed all those on board the vessel using a rocket.

Egypt has witnessed a wave of attacks in the North Sinai since the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi. On July 1, a dozen security checkpoints were attacked, leading to the deaths of 17 soldiers and 100 militants.

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  • Cairolive

    The Daesh are such liars, the footage and a new video released recently show the frigate being hit. It’s the Norwegian navy doing a test:

  • Cairolive

    EgyptianStreets, you’re taking photos from a terrorist group and spreading the word? 01)- I don’t see the Egyptian flag on this particular ship/boat. 02)- They said it was a frigate (which would make it much bigger) and the army said it was a border patrol boat. Do your homework please.

    • Seif

      Can you get any dumber or more ignorant? How the fuck do you expect to see a Egyptian flag in that screenshot and their job is to take photos and news from whichever sources they see fit and do with as they please its called independent media. Ignorance is truly a bliss in this world

      • Cairolive

        Seif you must be really stupid. Seriously you need to think before you write! Independent media? The shots are from IS/Daesh of Sinai and now you call them “Independent Media”? Or are you saying “Independent Media” is travelling with IS/Daesh of Sinai? Think before you make an ass of yourself

        • Seif

          What the fuck are you talking about you fucking pig, you call me a moron and you expect to see a fucking Egyptian flag in that picture? Independent Media have the right to do whatever they please with whichever sources they deem fit. Go listen to some mainstream crap you narrow prick

          • Ahmed Meligy

            I think this Flag man is used to Fire Proof Flags 😀
            How the Hell a Flag will be standing still with an Explosion like the one in the picture, Simply A7aaaa lol

          • Cairolive

            Go fuck yourself you fucking idiot! There was no Egyptian media involved, just photos released from IS/Daesh terrorist!! Unless you’re one of them and want to spread the words of terrorists under “Egyptian media” which will never be the case especially when they have assholes like you trying to do a job!! First grow up or have you seen your first pubic hair and thought you’ve become a man…fuck you and whomever is teaching you to maybe become something!

          • Seif

            You accuse me yet make no rational comments, I have no more time to waste for a pricked up cunt such as yourself good luck with your life! I doubt you’ll make anything out of it

          • Cairolive

            Seif, as a young man, learn to post a comment without having to insult someone. This was a lesson to you that when you insult someone, you can get insulted too and it isn’t nice. Rational: The explosion came from a photo with a big ship with 3 masts. However all other photos showed a smaller “patrol” boat smoking and not a frigate. The missile was an anti-tank missile, probably a “Kornet: something new in Sinai. It would not sink a patrol boat let alone a frigate. As for the flag, Egyptian love to have big flags on their navy and when I zoomed in the flag had something green…not Egyptian. Last but not least, it was a photoshop, why, because if it was real, then we would have seen a video.

  • Key

    Unbelievable these MB/DAESH lying murdering terrorists backed by their U.S. SITE network got some really high tech editing software to make it seem bigger than it really is. When are you going to stop making fools out of yourselves? Do you not realize how amateurish and theatrical your sound and light movies look like let alone your BS statements? The Egyptian Armed Forces will pulverize you like they did in Sinai last month.


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