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Preaching Hate for Muslims: An Unmistakable Path for a Worldwide Crisis

January 19, 2016

Shock. The world is in shock. It is terribly criminal. While the world is debating what to do with the scores of refugees in diaspora from the war-torn Middle East, these refugees’ fellows in the region have been committing the atrocities leading to the current crisis, sometimes in the name of Islam. As one French politician put it on CNN the day after the horrible and deadly Paris attacks, these crimes were “not committed in the name of Buddha.” What was implied was that it was committed in the name of the God of the Muslims and their faith. It is not surprising that some politicians now leverage that shock and fear in their campaigns and demand that Muslims be registered and walk around with special ID cards. In the words of another politician, these measures are “to determine who the bad dogs are” so they can’t “run around the neighborhood.” It is time for the world to learn its lesson simply by looking back; they say history is the best predictor of the future. In ensuring justice and equality for all, the free world has ignored these lessons and…

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