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100 Years of Egyptian Beauty

February 10, 2016

For many, the phrase ‘Egyptian beauty’ brings up images of Pharaohs and Ancient Egypt. However, in the past 100 years alone, the meaning of beauty in Egypt has changed. While Egypt has been undergoing immense political, social and economic change, it has also witnessed a change in beauty and fashion. Aiming to explore ‘100 years of beauty’ in Egypt, WatchCut Video put together various looks from different decades that show how Egyptian beauty has changed. “The looks we have chosen are very diverse in nature. Each represents various political struggles in each decade,” explains Jacinthe Assaad, the researcher behind the video, in a ‘Behind the Looks’ video. “The look chosen for the 1910s represented the urban look that women would wear to step outside the home,” says Assaad. “It was a way to keep the private private, but in public.” For the 1920s, Assaad found inspiration from one of Egypt’s most well-known feminists Huda Sha’arawi. “Huda Sha’arawi in 1919 actually did take off her veil as a sign of resistance. It was a moment of liberation, and she is the pioneer of the Egyptian feminist movement,” says Assaad. For beauty between 1930 and…

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