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An Egyptian Filmmaker’s Psychedelic Journey Into the Afterlife

May 16, 2016

Like yin and yang, life and death have coexisted since the beginning of creation. Neither fully thrives independently, for in life you find death and in death you find life. Despite the innate presence of death in all of our lives, many people tend to associate death with sadness and grief, or fear of the unknown. “I think [death] is just a phase, a phase that comes and passes. What matters to me is what comes afterwards,” says 25-year-old filmmaker Seif Abdalla. As fundamentally simple as both concepts of life and death may be, they are often hard to fully grasp. That’s why many artists sneak their ways around such complexity and experiment with different channels to express how they perceive the now and hereafter. In his latest piece of work, “Norhan,” Abdalla taps into the earliest stages of what the afterlife may seem like – a project that was inspired and triggered by the death of the filmmaker’s grandfather. “Mainly, I was thinking about what someone would go through exiting this world and entering something else – another realm,” explains Abdalla. “What I saw is that someone goes through three…

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