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Security Doctrine in Egypt: An Urgent Call for Change

December 22, 2016
Credit: Ester Meerman/Flickr

Approaches to security vary in different parts of the world. In the USA, the levels of security for doors and locks are below those in Europe. This is probably attributable to easy access to guns. In the US, robbers are more likely to be armed; secure locks won’t block automatic weapons. The approach to safety also differs; where the British have firemen who seek to contain fires from the outside inwards, the Americans have firefighters who storm into the fires with flame retardant clothing and breathing apparatus. The high death toll amongst American firefighters from 9/11 and nearly annual tragedies from forest fires are a consequence of this American doctrine. In another contrast, the American policing doctrine of remaining apart from the threat while ordering “Get out of the vehicle, put your hands on your head, or I blow you to pieces” often results  in unnecessary deaths. These opposing approaches have historic and cultural roots which change over time. Similarly, in Egypt we can observe certain practices and contrast them with approaches from different parts of the world. I will focus on the following key points that can be seen…

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