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The Land of One Faith: Christians Living in Saudi Arabia, the Home of Islam

March 21, 2019

Saudi Arabia: a country that has been the center of attention for many years because of its oppressive policies towards minorities such as women and foreign workers. However, with the recent introduction of the 2030 reform vision launched by its monarch King Mohammed Bin Salman, it has hit many firsts as it tries to economically compete with sister countries in the region such as the United Arab Emirates. The new generation might be oblivious as to how Saudi Arabia was less than 10 years ago. While the country’s history with discrimination against different races, genders, and socio-economic classes has been making headlines for years, a certain kind of discrimination, however, has been hushed and that is religious discrimination. It might come as a surprise that not everyone living in the kingdom is a Muslim because it is noted to be the birth place of Islam. But, in the decade that I have lived there, I have come across several religious minorities including those who belong to the fellow Abrahamic religion, Christianity. As expected, the  religious minority in the kingdom faces discrimination by educational institutions, authorities, in work places and by other…

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