6 Cozy Places to Lounge at in Cairo

6 Cozy Places to Lounge at in Cairo

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Going to Starbuck, Costa , and other coffee shops to work or study, and meeting up at restaurants with friends can get a little boring sometimes. There are an overwhelming amount of restaurant and cafe-style spots across the capital Cairo and you might want to try something new.

Whether your looking for a quiet cozy place to work/study, want to lounge with your friends or looking to try out a new activity to break the routine, there are a number of options that will revamp your outing experience.

Bardo Clubhouse

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Based in Maadi, Bardo Clubhouse is one of the coziest places in Egypt. It was originally 1940’s villa that was transformed into a space that hosts occasional events and workshop. With both indoor and outdoor space, this villa is a great place to work and meet up with friends. The best thing about this place is… its tree house.

Soul Lounge

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Inspired by Dahab’s hipster style, Soul Lounge turned a villa in Korba into a place where people can socialize, read, watch films and study. Its home-y vibe made it the favorite for many. Its walls are covered with an interesting display of art with beautiful soft music playing in the background. Now, Soul Lounge has a branch in Maadi as well.

Yellow Umbrella

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Yellow Umbrella surfaced into this scene in the past couple of years. Known for hosting events especially for rising artists, Yellow Umbrella is a one-of-a-kind hangout spot located in Maadi. It was originally a cozy rooftop, but they recently moved to another location that has several co-working spots, a large garden, a nice pool view and a rooftop.


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In the heart of Dokki lies Booklet, a co-working space that operates as a cultural hub. It is homey vibe make it a great spot to grab coffee with a snack while sorting thought their interesting rare finds book collection. Booklet also organizes activities, concerts, workshops, garage sales and movie screenings.

Sufi Bookstore

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If you have lived in Cairo, you are probably no stranger to Sufi Bookstore. This is one of Zamalek’s most iconic cultural spots. It is known for its cozy laid-back vibe that This is the ultimately cozy, homely cultural place. Have a cup of coffee with a snack and enjoy a good read, especially about Sufism and spirituality. Sufi is the place to escape the hectic life of the city and relax for a while.

3elbet Alwan

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3elbet Alwan was initially located in Zamalek, but it later moved across Cairo to Maadi and then to 6th of October to give every district a flavor of culture. Now, 3elbet Alwan is back to Zamalek hosting local and international music shows topping the list of cultural hangout spots in Zamalek.

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