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Hip Hop Heat Hits Cairo: Meet Felukah

August 18, 2019

Egypt has always harbored significant cultural elements of art, music, cinema, and literature. Yet, this is often only attributed to the past- ignoring the current artists breaking through in a contemporary setting. Cairo born rapper, Felukah, combines elements of poetry with music to create heartfelt rap from a unique perspective. The 21-year-old rapper unashamedly presents her identity as an Egyptian woman with lived experience in both Cairo and New York. Felukah entered the scene with her mixtape Battery Acid and her E.P. Yansoon in 2018. She has described rap as housing “pain, power, and resistance” all at once, which is visible in the 12 tracks on her latest project, covering issues from sexism and racism to everyday struggles and relationships. Her debut album Citadel was released on streaming platforms last month on June 27th. In a country where there’s so much existing stigma surrounding women and their behavior, the female rap scene is vital to breaking these barriers. Felukah’s music challenges ideas of human politics and addresses the barriers we develop internally. What do you currently do? How do you balance music with other aspects of your life? I’m presently…

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