7 Tips on Pairing Your Jewelry with Your Clothes

7 Tips on Pairing Your Jewelry with Your Clothes

Jewelry has been used for centuries to decorate us for special occasions, and enhance our beauty. They liven up our appearance as well as our existence. However, they also have the ability to create a terrible look if not chosen correctly to coordinate with our clothes.

There are many kinds of jewelry, and they come in thousands of shades of color. It can be hard to choose from a variety of them. An item might look beautiful when displayed in a store, but it can look horrible when worn with a dress. To help you decide the best jewelry pieces that go best with your dress, below are some useful and foolproof ideas.


The time when you used to wear matching jewelry with your clothes is now ancient history, and if you were to go out like this, you’d be sure to get some hurtful and criticizing comments. Today the trend is to wear accessories that contrast with your dress. If a dress is white in color than black and white jewelry will go well with it. As with pink, you can match another lively color like yellow. Like this, you can mix and match accessories with clothes to give yourself a more artsy look than wearing the same boring colors.

Pick the Lightest Color from your Dress

If you can’t help but have the desire to match stuff, then you can pick the daintiest color from your whole outfit and buy matching jewelry with it. If the problem is that the lightest shade is the most of the dress, then you choose the color for your jewelry that is the least on the dress to get that coordinated look

Don’t Wear Too Much

Jewelry is great for giving the dress life that’ll have all eyes on you. However, be sure to not go too far with it by wearing too many items or wearing too heavy jewelry. Wearing too much of it can give off a feeling that you might be desperate for attention. And wearing too heavy jewelry can hide your beautiful dress and may make you look gaudy. Light jewelry is also the fashion these days, and the latest designs can be easily found online by in-trend providers like Adina’s Jewels.


Nobody can tell you what to wear and what not to! You can experiment with jewelry all you want. The benefit that this technique will provide you is that you’ll gain confidence and come up with bold looks that help you make your statement. You’ll also learn which ornaments look the best with your look and are comfortable for you to wear.

Pick Suitable Jewelry for an Occasion

The occasion is important! When there is a need to buy accessories for an event, take the nature of the activity in mind and buy accordingly. If the event is a formal one, like an annual office party or a marriage ceremony, you can pick light jewelry that complements the dress. You can never go wrong with pearls. But if the scene is of a nightclub or a birthday party, then you can blend in bright-colored and artsy jewelry with eye-catching clothes.

Wear Eye-Catching Ornaments on Simple Clothes

If you pair simple-looking accessories on plainclothes, then you’re meant to look like you didn’t try at all or you’re ready to go to a cemetery. To bring spice to your look, try statement earrings or necklaces that elevate your appearance to another level and make you look attractive.

Put on Something that Compliments Your Skin

It’s good to play with colors, but your look can go wrong if the accessory item doesn’t match your skin color. All colors can be worn by any skin tone, however, you may have to let go of some to look in-fashion. Most fair toned people look better with calm and light colors. While most dark-skinned people also look good in light tones, bright and radiant colors usually make them look more attractive.

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