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Redbird: A Cozy Heliopolis Haven

Redbird: A Cozy Heliopolis Haven

Hidden amidst the tiny side streets of the tree-lined Almazah area of Heliopolis, lies a small cafe haven with an invitingly cozy atmosphere – Redbird.

Greeted by the Pinterest-like light display outdoors, set along a bold black and red color palette, Redbird uniquely mixes elements of contemporary hipster-like industrial vibes with a dash of old-fashioned architecture, creating a unique aesthetic unlike any of the usual cafes dispersed across Cairo.

Through the door, and across their narrow brick-walled interior, I made my way to the counter to make my order before I sat myself down on their outdoor bench.

The cafe is also unique in that they offer a sort of self-serve service in which customers have to go up to the cashier and order themselves, rather than having someone come and take their order – this small detail ultimately ends up excluding VAT and Tax Service charges from your bill, making the cafe very pocket friendly.

Their menu is surprisingly wide and diverse, but not too wide to the point where one would get lost in a world of indecisiveness on what to order. They offer a small assortment of breakfast sandwiches, ranging from the Spinach Grilled Cheese to the Club Sandwich, which are available to order all day long.

Redbird’s hot dog omelette breakfast

In addition, they also offer a variety of appetizers such as Nachos and Mozzarella Sticks, sandwiches and burgers such as the Chicken Pesto Sandwich and the Mushroom Burger, salads such as the Green Apple Salad and the Arugula Salad, pastas such as the Primavera Pasta and the Chicken Pomodoro Pasta, and a selection between two types of ‘Secret Biscuit’ desserts. Their drinks menu ranges from the usual soft drinks, coffee and tea, to a small assortment of juices and smoothies.

I settled on having a classic Spaghetti Bolognese alongside their Mango Basilica drink. The large aromatic bowl of spaghetti was served warm and you could smell the fresh ingredients waft across the room.

Image courtesy of Redbird’s Facebook page

The flavors were rich and well-spiced, creating the perfect blend of a classic homemade spaghetti Bolognese with a contemporary twist in the addition of shredded carrot pieces. The Mango Basilica was a refreshing compliment to a hearty meal, which interestingly combined the mango’s sweet fruity flavor with the basil’s extra punch.

I sat and enjoyed a quiet, cozy evening that seemed almost cinematic in its atmosphere. As I exchanged conversation with a friend under the warm light of the bulbs hanging overhead, I thought to myself how great it feels to have discovered one of Heliopolis’ best kept secrets.

Redbird Address:
38 Abd El-Moneim Hafez St., Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo-Egypt

*Featured Image courtesy of Redbird’s Facebook page


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