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In Photos: Roaming the Streets of Cairo Amidst COVID-19 & Quarantine

April 11, 2020
A young couple who have the bridge all to themselves on a Friday morning in Cairo. Photo credit: Rania Shereen.

While most people are staying at home in attempts to social distance and self quarantine, 26-year-old photographer Rania Shereen chooses to battle the odds and roam the streets of Cairo in order to capture how the global pandemic has affected the everyday life of this bustling city.  “I know these photographs will be of some historical importance one day, I mean how would we know how the streets of Cairo looked like throughout history if photographers weren’t there to visually document it,” explains Shereen as to why she feels as though it’s important to document this period in time. She goes on to say that, “It’s a pandemic and I want to document how we’re surviving it.” From Heliopolis to downtown Cairo and Shobra, Shereen has been trying to cover as much ground as she can in order to fully portray how people in various areas of the city are coping with the situation at hand.  “The experience is exciting for me, even though I assure you that I think twice before I go out every time because it won’t be cool or thrilling if I got the virus, but I…

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