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16 Iconic Photos of June 30 Protests in Egypt

June 29, 2020
Amr Nabil/AP

Today marks the 10th year anniversary of June 30 protests, which resulted in the overthrow of former President Mohamed Morsi.

Though it is regarded as the ‘biggest protest in Egypt’s history’ by the Egyptian military, more importantly, it was a time of change and rapid developments that put Egypt’s history on a totally new path.

Here are 15 photos to document this significant and peculiar moment in Egypt’s history.

Credit: Unknown
Mohamed Abd El Ghany (Reuters)
(Zeinab Mohamed/Flicker)
Photo: Reuters
Flicker by Lilian Wagdy
Flickr/Zeinab Mohamed
Zeinab Mohamed/Flickr
Zeinab Mohamed/Flickr.com
Photo by Twitter/@coloradorebecca
Hassan Ammar/AP
Amr Nabil/AP
Suhaib Salem/Reuters/Landov
Zeinab Mohamed/Flickr.com
Zeinab Mohamed/Flickr.com
Joseph Ouechen

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